Divya Pahuja’s Body Still Missing, Car In Which Corpse Was Moved Found. Blackmailing Angle Out

Haryana police is on its toes as it tries to find the body of model Divya Pahuja who was shot in the head at a hotel in Gurugram on Thursday. A CCTV from the hotel showed men dragging Pahuja’s body into the gallery after they were seen at the reception of the hotel with her when she was alive. Now, police have found the BMW car in which her body was moved. The car is locked and the police are opening it to see if the corpse is inside it or not. As per the latest information, an angle of blackmailing has come forth in the case.

According to PTI, the 27-year-old woman was on Tuesday taken to a hotel room by five people and was shot in the head allegedly because she had been extorting money from the hotel owner Abhijeet Singh (56) by blackmailing him with his “obscene pictures”, police said.

Police have arrested Abhijeet, Hemraj and Omprakash (23) while several teams have been formed to nab the other two accused. A CCTV footage shows the suspects, including the hotel owner purportedly dragging her body wrapped in a white sheet through the lobby of Hotel City Point to a blue BMW car, police said.

They said that she was allegedly blackmailing the hotel owner with the photos. However, as per an NDTV report, Pahuja’s family has vehemently denied this charge.

Police said the accused could be seen fleeing the hotel in the car with Divya’s body in the boot in the CCTV footage. A senior cop said Abhijeet had handed over the car with the body to Balraj Gill alias Hemraj (28) around a kilometre away from the hotel.

“This car was spotted in the camera near toll & we came to know that the car had moved towards Patiala. We were looking for this car in the murder case (of model Divya Pahuja)…This is the car, we’ve confirmed it from the number plate and the colour…The dead body has not been recovered yet. After the murder, the body was displaced in this car…” Karan Singh, Constable Crime Branch, Gurugram Police, told ANI.

Who Was Divya Pahuja?

Divya Phuja was the “girlfriend” of Sandeep Gadoli, a dreaded gangster from Gurugram, who was killed in a shootout in Mumbai on February 6, 2016. Later, the Mumbai police said Gadoli had been lured into a trap with the help of Divya and killed in a fake encounter. It was reported that Virendra Kumar alias Binder Gujjar, a rival gang member allegedly conspired with Haryana Police officials to eliminate Gadoli. Gujjar was in prison at the time of the encounter, but he hatched the conspiracy with the help of his brother Manoj and roped in Divya as a honey trap, reported PTI.

An FIR was registered against five police personnel, Divya, her mother and others and she was later sent to jail. The Bombay High Court had granted bail to Divya in June last year, about seven years after she was arrested. 

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