Director Blames Akshay Kumar for Samrat Prithviraj’s Failure at Box Office

Chandraprakash said that he did not expect the film to perform so poorly at the box office and is upset with the response the film has received.

Director blamed Akshay for the film’s failure: Report

According to a report, the director blamed Akshay for the film’s failure. He said, ‘They don’t listen. The film required a dedicated concentration.

They wouldn’t even grow a moustache, as they were doing other projects together.

Film was written 18 years ago keeping Sunny Deol in mind

Talking about the film, Dwivedi said that the film was written 18 years ago keeping Sunny Deol in mind and he was supposed to produce the film, but he did not get any financial help.

He further added that the film has been targeted politically, which is a major reason for its failure.

He further told, ‘I would have loved it if historians had questioned this film. Now because you do not want to hear the story according to me and therefore deny it outright, then it is completely wrong. History doesn’t work that way.

He further says, ‘We failed to understand the mood of the people. We made the film on a large scale, but people could not connect with the film. The writers did their work with utmost sincerity. We have not tampered with the facts of history. We understand this responsibility very well’.