Delhi Saw 48% Rise In Home Isolation Covid Cases In Last One Week: Report

New Delhi: According to official data, the number of home isolation cases in Delhi has increased by approximately 48 per cent in the previous week, despite an increase in daily instances of COVID-19 and a positivity rate that has surpassed 2%, news agency PTI reported.

On Thursday, there were 574 home isolation cases and 325 new coronavirus cases, with a positivity rate of 2.39 per cent.

The number of daily cases has increased in recent days, and the positive rate has risen beyond one per cent since April 4, when it was at 1.34 per cent.

The number of home isolation cases has increased in the previous week, as the Covid positivity rate in the national capital has risen from 0.57 per cent on April 1 to 2.39 per cent on April 14.

According to statistics given by local health department officials, the city recorded 146 cases on April 8 with a positive rate of 1.39 per cent and 388 patients were under home isolation.

During this time, the number of home isolation cases has continuously climbed, reaching 574 on April 14. On April 11, the equivalent figure was 447, and on April 13, it was 504. In the previous week, there has been a roughly 48 per cent increase in home isolation instances.

Doctors indicated on Tuesday that there was no need to worry because the number of daily cases remained low, but they warned against relaxing their watch.

Many doctors have also stated that relatively few patients seek a Covid test after the beginning of symptoms and that people now prefer to recover at home.

However, as the positivity rate rises, so does the number of patients requiring home isolation.

According to government figures, the COVID-19 tally in Delhi and the disease’s death toll stood at 18,67,206 and 26,158, respectively, on Thursday.

The positive rate was 2.7 per cent on Monday, the most in two months. On February 5, it was 2.87 per cent.

During the third wave of the pandemic, the number of daily Covid cases in Delhi reached a record high of 28,867 on January 13.

On January 14, the city had a positivity rate of 30.6 per cent, the highest during the pandemic’s third wave, which was predominantly driven by the highly transmissible Omicron form of the coronavirus.

On February 1st, there were 12,312 incidents of home isolation. The number of patients in home isolation had steadily decreased by late February.

On February 24, the number of home isolation instances was at 1,559, indicating a significant drop in the data. It then plummeted even more, only to climb again in April.

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