Delhi Horror: ‘Knew Anjali was trapped, kept driving because…’: Shocking confession of Kanjhawala murder case accused

New revelations are happening one after the other in the Kanjhawala case. According to sources, the accused confessed during police interrogation that they knew the victim, Anjali, was trapped under their car. Due to fear, they kept running the car on the road. During this time, on the route to Kanjhawala, they U-turned several times. The accused said in the police interrogation that they were afraid that if the girl was taken out of the car, a case of murder would be filed and they would be badly trapped. Because the driver, Amit, did not have a driving license. That’s why, after the accident, the accused did not try to get the girl out from under the car.

They have reportedly told the police that they did not stop the car out of fear. They said they knew someone was stuck under the car but they kept driving and took several U-turns to shake off the body. The accused were very scared and that is why they were taking turns again and again. They could not understand where to go, until the girl fell from their car. The accused confessed during police interrogation that the story they had earlier told the police about the loud music system was false.

Anjali Singh, 20, was returning home with a friend on her scooter when she was hit by a car a little after 2 am in the Kanjhawala area of Delhi. After the accident, the youth started running away with the car. The girl got trapped under the car and kept dragging on the road for several kilometres. According to the police, she died on the spot. Due to being dragged, her legs were also separated from the body. The police have arrested the accused in this case. However, Delhi’s Rohini court granted bail to the seventh accused, Ankush Khanna. He has got bail on a personal bond of Rs 20,000. In this case, the police had earlier arrested six accused. Ankush Khanna surrendered on Friday. Ankush is the brother of the main accused, Amit Khanna, who was driving the car.