Dalit thrashed on leaving in front of temple: 9 people including 6 women kicked and punched the girl in Khandwa; rib injury

Khandva36 minutes ago

Dalit innocent who was beaten up.

In Khandwa, a 15-year-old Dalit girl was brutally thrashed by nine men when she came out in front of the temple. Men and women collectively cracked down on him. He was hit so hard with kicks and punches that he suffered a serious injury to his rib. The girl is undergoing treatment at the government hospital in Khalwa. The incident happened on the night of August 19. Police have registered a case against 9 accused. Among them 6 are women. All the accused have got bail from the police station.

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The case is of Bhoganwa village of Khalwa, a tribal-dominated area. Victim Priyanka Katare told Dainik Bhaskar, on the night of Janmashtami on August 19, a Matki burst program was going on near the Bhilat Baba temple of the village. There Uma Mali, Santosh Mali, Ganesh Mali, Kamal Mali, Sunita Mali, Anita Mali, Kshama Mali and Radhu Mali were in the program. I was going from there towards my house. Sharda, Kshama and Radhu said – How did this low caste come to our program in front of the temple. Then I told Sharda – you are discriminating me. Kamala and Ganesh abused me for caste related issues. Both hit me with sticks. This resulted in injury to the rib on the right side.

A 15-year-old girl was brutally beaten up when she passed in front of the temple. The girl has suffered a rib injury due to the assault.

Mother and sister came running after hearing the shouting
The victim told that Sharda Bai, Anita Bai and Kshama Bai hit them with kicks and bribes. All the people who were present there, everyone beat up. Hearing my cries and screams, elder sister, mother and relatives came. He took me away from the crowd. The accused said that do not come to the program again, otherwise they will kill you.

Threatened to kill, then got an FIR
The elder sister of the victim’s Indore resident told that initially we remained silent so that the dispute does not escalate. But the accused party threatened to kill him by pressurizing the settlement. On the other hand, the sister was unable to bear the pain due to the injuries sustained in the assault.

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