Corona threat in the country and the world: Chinese government claims – the number of deaths decreased by 80% in 20 days, new cases also decreased by 72%

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Corona is once again spreading its legs all over the world. Meanwhile, according to China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), deaths from corona have decreased by 80% on the occasion of Lunar New Year. In fact, experts had said that after January 21, that is, during the Lunar New Year, people will continue to visit their homes, due to which the infection will increase and there will be many deaths.

CDC said- 896 deaths were registered on Monday (January 23). This figure is 80% less than the deaths on January 4. According to the CDC, 13,000 people died between January 13 and 19. At the same time, according to the Health Ministry of China, from December 8 to January 12, ie in 35 days, 60 thousand people died.

The government also claimed that there has been a decrease in the cases of infection. On January 23, 36 thousand cases were reported, which is 72% less as compared to January 5. On January 5, 1 lakh 28 cases were registered.

WHO said – do not trust China
The World Health Organization (WHO) says that it does not trust China’s data. WHO emergency director Mike Ryan said- We think that the official figure of deaths and cases that China is giving is very low. He is hiding the real condition of Corona.

First know what is the condition of Corona in India…
On Wednesday, 88 new cases of corona were reported in India and one patient died. According to the Health Ministry data, there are currently 1,934 active cases in the country. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 5 lakh people have died in the country. Also, more than 40 million people have been infected with the virus. Meanwhile, today in India, indigenous pharma company Bharat Biotech will launch the world’s first intranasal Covid-19 vaccine. Its name is INCOVACC.

Now know the situation of Corona in the world…

China: 60 thousand deaths after the end of zero-covid policy

  • China had ended its zero-covid policy in the middle of December 2022. This means that all restrictions imposed since the beginning of the pandemic were lifted. Now the government says that till January 12, 60 thousand people died of corona. However, experts believe that the actual figure could be much higher.
  • Earlier, the Chinese government had estimated that after the end of the corona ban, the rate of infection in the country increased rapidly. In just 3 weeks, 250 million Chinese were caught by the virus.
  • According to a research by Hong Kong University, 92% of the population of China’s capital Beijing will be infected with Corona by the end of January. The population here is 2 crore 20 lakhs. Corona’s peak can occur many times in many big cities of China including Beijing. This is due to the large number of movements taking place during the Lunar New Year.
Corona cases are expected to increase further in China due to the celebration of Lunar New Year.

Corona cases are expected to increase further in China due to the celebration of Lunar New Year.

Japan: Consideration of bringing Corona into the category of flu
79 thousand new corona cases were recorded in Japan on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is considering bringing Kovid-19 into the category of flu. The number of corona patients in the country has increased so much that its status has become like that of TB and flu. Officials are considering keeping Corona at number 5. Kishida says that with this the public will consider corona as normal and will learn to live with the virus.

Britain: Preparing to apply booster dose again
Preparations are being made to give extra booster dose to the people in Britain. This will be for those who are elderly, suffering from serious diseases or whose immunity is extremely weak. Corona cases are increasing here too. More than 15 thousand cases have been reported in England in a week.

In Britain, preparations are being made to give extra booster dose to people suffering from serious diseases.

In Britain, preparations are being made to give extra booster dose to people suffering from serious diseases.

America: The official figure of deaths from Corona is not correct
According to scientists from Boston University, University of Minnesota and University of California, deaths due to corona in America are not being counted correctly. The figure that is being projected officially is less than the real number. From March 2020 to February 2022, about 9 lakh 96 thousand to 12 lakh 78 thousand access deaths have taken place. Out of these, only 8 lakh 66 thousand were considered as deaths due to corona.

More than 67 crore cases in the world
According to the Corona worldometer, so far 67 crore 38 lakh 47 thousand 652 cases have been reported in the world. On 11 January 2020, a 61-year-old man died in Wuhan, China. This was the first death due to corona in the world. After this the process of death started increasing. So far 67 lakh 50 thousand 261 deaths have taken place.

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