Congress-Led UPA Govt Defended Its Scams By Resorting To False Narratives, Lies: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted on Wednesday that there has been a shift in perception, noting that in the past, there were queries about why the CBI and the ED did not take action against influential individuals. However, he highlighted that the narrative has changed, with those who are powerful and corrupt now questioning why these agencies are targeting them.

PM Modi took a subtle jab at opposition leaders during the News18 group’s ‘Rising Bharat’ summit, amidst their allegations of probe agencies being misused by his government to target them, reported aPTI.

“The country earlier used to ask why agencies are not acting against powerful people, now the powerful and corrupt are asking why agencies are taking action against them,” he said.

“This change has come about in the last 10 years. This boils down to ‘neeyat sahi, toh kaam sahi’,” he said.

Highlighting significant cash seizures from leaders of parties like the Congress and the Trinamool Congress, Modi asserted that his government’s firm stance against corruption has unsettled them, leading to their verbal attacks against him, as per the PTI report,

However, he remained unfazed by these criticisms, stating that he receives blessings from the poor who are benefitting from government schemes, contrasting it with the past when corruption siphoned off welfare funds.

Modi further stated that the government before 2014 resorted to lies to defend its “scams” but the situation has reversed now as his dispensation is taking tough action against the corrupt.

It is his commitment to act against the corrupt, he added.

“The country has made up its mind,” he said, referring to the slogan of “Phir ek baar, Modi sarkar,” the PTI report added.

Attacking the opposition, he remarked that while his government is busy framing a road map for the next 25 years and planning for the first 100 days of its third term, the opposition has just heaped its “104th” abuse on him.

Despite threats and comparisons to historical figures like Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, Modi emphasized the importance of India’s ongoing democratic process, involving millions of voters.

He highlighted the substantial funds disbursed to beneficiaries under welfare schemes, suggesting that much of it would have been misappropriated under previous administrations.

He said more than Rs 34 lakh crore has been transferred to the beneficiaries of numerous welfare schemes over the last 10 years, adding that most of the amount would have been pocketed by the corrupt under the previous government, a reference to the Congress-led UPA dispensation during 2004-14.

Looking ahead, Modi envisioned the next five years as a period of “unprecedented transformation, growth and expansion.”

Drawing attention to India’s economic progress and rising global stature, Modi underscored the importance of a “nation first” approach to drive further growth and development, reported PTI.

He cited indicators such as export growth and foreign exchange reserves to support his argument.