CM will solve the dispute of Adani’s cement factory: Industries Minister said – If there is no agreement between the company and the transporters, then action will be taken according to the law

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  • Harshvardhan Chauhan Said – Government Will Take Legal Action If There Is No Agreement Between The Company Management And The Transporter

Shimla5 hours ago

Industries Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu will take the final decision regarding the cement factory dispute in Himachal. Industries Minister Harshvardhan Chauhan told that a decision on this is possible after the Chief Minister returns to Shimla. He said that the complete report in the cement factory dispute case will be placed before the CM. Even then, if there is no agreement, the government will think about legal action.

Meanwhile, the transporters and common people who became unemployed due to the closure of the cement factory are getting furious. After December 27, especially the transporters can adopt the path of fierce demonstrations.

Harshvardhan Chouhan said that the government is serious about the cement factory dispute. This is the reason that he himself has spoken to the local MLA of Bilaspur Trilok Jamwal in this matter and urged him to hold talks with the truck operator so that a solution can be found to this problem.

Industries Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan

Loss of two crores everyday

The Industries Minister said that due to the closure of both the cement plants, the state government is facing a financial loss of two crores daily. This includes revenue from royalty, tax, electricity.

Harsh Vardhan Chouhan said that the state government is making efforts to bring about a consensus between the truck operators and the cement company management. Several rounds of talks have taken place so that the operation of the cement plant can be resumed.

Adani has closed cement plants since December 15

Adani has closed both the cement plants at Darlaghat in Arki and Barmana in Bilaspur. Actually, the company management is demanding to reduce the freight of trucks. Whereas the truck operator is not ready to do so. Now, due to the closure of the cement factory, the livelihood of hundreds of truck operators has come under threat.

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