Chakradharpur: Four years transfer policy applicable for branch line, first in first out will be followed – Rail Hunt

  • Railway Men’s Congress had raised the issue in PNM, railway workers are hoping for a discrimination free system

CHAKRADHARPUR : Railway administration has issued notification of transfer policy. In this policy brought for branch line, a maximum time of four years has been fixed. Along with this, it has also been decided that the one who goes there first will get the first chance to return to the main line. That is, the policy of first in first out has been implemented here. The issue of discrimination in transfers in branch lines was raised by the Railway Men’s Congress in its PNM. The Senior Divisional Personnel Officer has handed over a copy of the transfer policy to Men’s Congress General Secretary Shashi Ranjan Mishra.

Transfer policy

After the transfer policy implemented on the initiative of Railway Men’s Congress, railway workers are expecting a discrimination free system. In the transfer policy, four sections were also identified as branch lines for new employees joining Chakradharpur division. These stations will be marked as branch line sections. The new policy was finalized on 19 October 2022 in a meeting chaired by ADRM, Sr. DEN (Co-Ord), Sr. DOM, Sr. DPO and Sr. DSTE. in this
Three separate registers will be made for railway employees on the basis of pay level. There will be a separate register for the first level one, a separate register will be there for the second pay level 2 to 4 employees, and a separate register for pay level 5 to 7.

With the implementation of the policy, the employees will get their rights: Shashi Mishra

After the release of the transfer policy, Zonal General Secretary of Railway Men’s Congress Shashi Ranjan Mishra has expressed his gratitude to the DRM. Said that now it will be easier for the railway personnel posted in the branch line to come back to the main line. Branch line employees often complained of discrimination in transfers. It has been resolved with the new policy. Now we will be able to get the employees their rights.

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