Bulldozer given to daughter in dowry, VIDEO: Father said – If I had given the car, it would have stood, but it will earn

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You must have heard many stories of giving motorcycle and car to the daughter in dowry, but in Hamirpur the ex-armyman has given bulldozer to the daughter in dowry. He says, ‘If I had given the car, it would have remained standing. But there will be earning from bulldozer. Even the daughter will not have to ask for money from the son-in-law. Two-three people will also get employment. The cost of the bulldozer is around Rs 30 lakh.

the groom is in the air force
The case pertains to Dev village of Sumerpur police station area. Vikas alias Yogendra, who lives here, is in the Air Force. Father Swamidin Chakraborty arranged Yogendra’s marriage with Neha Prajapati, daughter of Parasram Prajapati, a former army man nearby. Bride Neha Prajapati is preparing for Civil Services.

Bulldozer was gifted to the groom in Hamirpur.

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The wedding was on 15 December
On December 15, Neha-Yogendra’s wedding took place with pomp at Shiv Lawn Garden Guest House. When the farewell took place in the morning, the bride’s father surprised everyone by giving a bulldozer in dowry.

The groom’s father Swamideen Chakraborty told, ‘We were told by the daughter-in-law’s father about giving the bulldozer. We also agreed with him, because no matter how expensive the car was, it would have remained standing. When the daughter-in-law’s father gave a bulldozer as a gift, all the baratis were surprised. Many people even started taking selfies etc. with him.

Yogendra and Neha were married on 15 December.

Yogendra and Neha were married on 15 December.

Bride Neha told that father’s argument behind giving the bulldozer is that if a car was given in dowry, she would have remained standing. Bulldozer will become a source of income. I am doing my civil preparation. I too will not have to ask for money from my husband.

Neha says that Papa has given the bulldozer after seeing the future.

Neha says that Papa has given the bulldozer after seeing the future.

Groom Yogendra says, ‘Father-in-law has been a soldier. For how many days can a soldier stay at home? They are fully aware of this. That’s why he thought it right to give a bulldozer instead of a car. He says that this will also provide employment to two people. If I had bought a car, there would be no time to drive it.

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