BTS Star Jungkook Bids Emotional Goodbye To ARMY In His Last Live – News18

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: December 12, 2023, 16:27 IST

Jungkook said he will come back soon. (Image Credits: Twitter)

“It looks like this will be my last live before enlisting. Today, I just sent off V hyung and Namjoon hyung,” said Jungkook.

BTS ARMY is emotional as the remaining members of the band group have embarked on their compulsory military enlistment. V and Namjoon already commenced their military service a day ago, on December 11. With the departures of BTS’s youngest members Jungkook and Jimin, all BTS members are now serving in the military. After seeing off two senior band members yesterday, Jungkook took to Weverse Live for an interaction with his beloved ARMY before his impending enlistment the following day.

Dressed in a grey sweatshirt and matching cap, Jungkook began by expressing concern for the well-being of ARMYs. He then openly shared his mixed emotions on the eve of enlistment. He started by apologising for being late. “It looks like this will be my last live before enlisting. Today I just sent off V hyung and Namjoon hyung. Then I ate a meal and did some things I need to do, cleaned up, and prepared some things, so the live ended up being a little late, sorry,” he said.

Further, he said, “Now that it’s the day before, my heart and mind feel a bit iffy, but I need to sleep tonight so I can concentrate tomorrow and stuff too.”

Seeking to comfort ARMYs, Jungkook reassured, “I’ll go and come back well or safely.” Visibly holding back tears, the Golden Maknae conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to fans for their unwavering cheers throughout their journey.

As the live session neared its end, Jungkook bid farewell, acknowledging the difficulty of parting, “Goodbye~ stay safe~ bye bye~ I’ll go now~ I just came for a short bit today to give my greetings~ i love you~ oh, it’s not the last live ever. just the last one before I enlist. I’ll come back stronger than before. Bye.”

Prompting an outpouring of heartbreaks from ARMYs in the comment section, this farewell marked an extremely emotional moment in the journey of BTS and their fanbase.

Throughout 2023, Jungkook has engaged in numerous live broadcasts, sharing various activities with fans, from karaoke and cooking to laundry and napping.

In July 2023, Jungkook made his solo debut with the digital single Seven and subsequently released collaborations like 3D featuring Jack Harlow and Too Much with The Kid Laroi and Central Cee. The singer culminated the year with the release of his first solo album, Golden, on November 3.