Bigg Boss 16 Day 110 updates: Nimrit beats Shiv during captaincy task, retains ‘ticket to finale’

New Delhi: In today’s episode, the house is shaken by a captaincy-cum-ticket to finale task contended by Shiv Thakare and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, who have been friends till now. The task involves non-contenders pitching their support for the one who they think deserves to get ahead in the game. It will be interesting to see how they compete for captaincy and who earns the ticket to finale.  

Soundarya Sharma and Shalin Bhanot leave no stone unturned to influence Nimrit after Shiv chose Priyanka over her when he was asked who deserved to be in the finale. Nimrit feels betrayed by Shiv and she is seen trying to forge an alliance with Shalin and Soundarya.

Bigg Boss announces task for ticket to finale between Shiv and Nimrit. In the task, fellow housemates have to vote between Nimrit and Shiv for the ticket to finale. The task not only sours the friendship between Shiv and Nimrit, but also leads to many fights. During the task, Soundarya alleges that Shiv holds grudges and turns a mudda into a big issue.  Another fight breaks out between Tina and Soundarya on women disrespecting women and character assassination. After lots of arguments, Nimrit gets most votes and wins the task.   

Shiv and MC Stan notice it and guess that Nimrit is trying to get away from the ‘mandali’ and set a separate strategy for the finale. To clear the air, Nimrit confronts Shiv about why he chose Priyanka over their friendship despite her supporting Shiv in multiple tasks. Shiv tries to defend his decision by heralding Priyanka as a deserving contender for captaincy. This explanation is not likely to go down well with Nimrit, who has been Priyanka’s rival and Shiv’s friend since the first few weeks in the house. 

Tina, on the other hand, is still annoyed with the fight she had will Shalin. During a conversation with Priyanka, she says thank God I did not fall in love with him. Sumbul and Nimrit say that Priyanka and Tina try to play the girl card always.  

Bigg Boss then divides the housemates into two teams and announces a task by Country delight in which they have to guess milk products. Team A comprising of Shiv, Tina, Sumbul and MC Stan wins.

Tina says to Priyanka that Shalin had contacted me through PR before entering the show and had asked to play as a team so that they could save each other from nominations. She says that he even contacted Gautam before entering. She says he has asked something very cheap from me but I cannot say that on air. 

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