Artist Captures Stunning Diwali Moments Through the Lens of an iPhone – Prepare to be Enchanted

New Delhi: Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a celebration that radiates joy, warmth, and vibrant colours. In the age of advanced smartphone technology, the iPhone has become a tool not just for communication but also for capturing the essence of special moments. Recently, an artist by the name of Mr. Porus Vimadalal captured the quintessential part of the Diwali celebration (i.e., sweets) through an iPhone lens, which was later even posted by Apple on its social media page.

Zee News managed to speak to this artist to learn what it takes to click through the lens of an iPhone, capturing the textures, colours, and flavours that make this festival a gastronomic delight. Here is what he has to say…


Can you share your experience capturing the Diwali campaign with Mithai for Apple using the iPhone?


“When Apple approached me with the idea of incorporating Mithai into their Diwali campaign, particularly after reviewing my still-life image work, I was fully enthusiastic about the concept. Over a month, the creative team and I engaged in extensive planning and idea-sharing sessions. Our aim was to maintain relevance to India while ensuring that the setups were visually intriguing. The process of capturing various Diwali sweets in such a unique manner proved to be an enjoyable experience. Although meticulous planning was essential, the entire venture taught us a great deal about mithai and how we could infuse creativity and enjoyment into the process beyond just savouring it. The success of the project is largely attributed to the fantastic team I had the privilege of working with, making the entire endeavour both educational and fulfilling”

How did you approach capturing the vibrant images of Diwali Mithai on an iPhone in your photographs? Were there any specific challenges you faced while photographing Diwali Mithai on the iPhone 15, and how did you overcome them?


We approached the theme of mithai with a fresh perspective, aiming to uphold the cultural value and emotional significance it holds for many in India. The central theme of the project revolved around creating still-life image setups, but we wanted these images to convey meaning, both artistically and otherwise. Our inspiration came from various Indian architectural elements, displays at mithai shops, and the overall sense of celebration and festivity. The primary challenge, albeit not a significant one, was ensuring that everything was perfectly set for the shot, given that we were working with real, edible mithai. Nothing could be prepared well in advance. This challenge was overcome through meticulous planning, but the effort was undoubtedly worthwhile. The iPhone 15 proved to be an incredibly user-friendly tool, offering ample flexibility to explore its fantastic features for composing shots, playing with lighting, and achieving the perfect image

How did you ensure that your photographs conveyed the spirit and significance of Diwali to a diverse audience?


“A key factor that greatly contributed to capturing and conveying the spirit and significance of Diwali in the campaign images was the utilisation of various types of mithai, while focusing on creating setups inspired by diverse architectural styles, drawing inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere of mithai shops and the festival itself, along with its symbolic representations. This approach allowed me to infuse the images with a rich cultural context and visually represent the essence of Diwali.”

Mr. Porus was invited by Apple at BKC to host a Workshop called Eat Your Art Out, where he met photography enthusiasts and taught them the nitty-gritty of smartphone photography. When asked about his experience with Today at Apple – BKC, he told


Tell us about your experience at the Today At Apple session.


“I thoroughly enjoyed conducting the session at Today At Apple. Initially, I was hesitant about keeping a large audience engaged throughout the session. However, once I began sharing my journey and showcasing my work, the audience became genuinely curious and engaged. The demo workshop, featuring a hands-on activity where we arranged mithai for participants to photograph using their phones, added an interactive and enjoyable element. Witnessing the audience’s excitement as they captured remarkable images was particularly rewarding. We later showcased these images on the Video Wall, providing participants with an opportunity to discuss their photographs and the creative choices behind them. It was heartening to see individuals express their enthusiasm, approaching me with questions and thanks for inspiring their creativity and curiosity. I am delighted that the session resonated with the audience and that I could play a role in sparking their creative spirit”.


In your opinion, what role does the Today at Apple initiative play in empowering artists like you?


“Conducting sessions at Today At Apple has been a powerful avenue for empowering artists like me. It provides a platform to not only showcase our work but also to impart knowledge and insights to a broader audience. Through this session, I could share my experiences and expertise, offering guidance that may prove beneficial to fellow artists. The session also served to foster connections with participants from various backgrounds, creating a collaborative environment where artists can learn from one another. Overall, the opportunity to conduct one of these sessions has played a pivotal role in empowering and uniting artists in our shared creative journey”.


How does the Apple ecosystem help you with your workflow?


“I’ve been relying on Apple products for as long as I can recall to streamline my workflow. As a photographer, maintaining a simple and efficient workflow is essential, and staying organised is paramount. My iPhone serves as an invaluable tool, allowing me to stay connected, share ideas, leverage the camera, and utilise various apps to craft stunning imagery and content for my social media. When I’m on the move, my MacBook acts as a powerhouse for productivity. I use it to edit images and videos, tether my camera during work, store files and documents, manage emails, and much more. Additionally, my iPad comes in handy when I can’t carry my laptop everywhere, especially during travel, offering a convenient way to watch content on the go”.