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Nowadays is the age of social media. Different types of videos are found on social media. There is some entertainment, some motivational and some funny type of video. Meanwhile, a video of a disabled woman is becoming very viral on social media. Video of woman delivering food in wheelchair Delhi Women’s Commission chairperson Swati Maliwal has shared it with her official Twitter handle. Sharing the video, Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal wrote, “Of course life is difficult…what defeat have we learned! Salute to this spirit.”

At the same time, after sharing the video of Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal, different types of reactions started coming to the fore. Some saluted the courage of the disabled woman, while some appealed to help the woman. At the same time, the shared video of Swati Maliwal has become a topic of discussion. People are commenting in different ways on Twitter.

swiggy company’s food delivery agent video goes viral

It can be seen in the video that a differently-abled woman, who is a food delivery agent of Swiggy company. She has gone out to deliver food in a wheelchair. The woman is also wearing the company’s uniform. Along with this, a wheelchair vehicle is seen driving very comfortably on the road. The woman is not facing any problem in this work. She seems to be doing her work with great ease.

Salute to the hard work of the handicapped woman

At the same time, after the video of the woman went viral, users are commenting on Twitter in various ways. One user commented and wrote, “Yes, I salute the woman and her hard work, but one thing makes me think. As a society and as a government, we have failed to meet the needs of people with disabilities.”

We are proud of the daughters of our country

On the other hand, another user commented and wrote, “Heartfelt salute to the work of this handicapped woman. We are proud of the daughters of our country. Today she is not lagging behind in doing any work. Another user commented and wrote, “We should salute the courage of the woman. This is very hard work. Hard working people never give up.”

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