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Alia Bhatt rewore her wedding saree for National Film Award ceremony

Unconventional trends in bridal fashion are transforming traditional silhouettes, allowing brides to celebrate their individuality and express themselves authentically

In the ever-evolving landscape of bridal fashion, modern brides are breaking free from traditional norms, seeking unique expressions that reflect their individualism. Designers are at the forefront of this revolution, offering unconventional twists to the classic bridal lehenga. Let’s explore the innovative ways brides can adorn themselves in these stunning ensembles.

Anushka Khanna, designer, Label by Anushka Khanna, believes in the versatility of bridal wear. “The focus is on creating building blocks for the wardrobe, allowing brides to maximize their pieces and infuse their unique spin into classic silhouettes,” adds Khanna.

On the other hand, Mamta Roy, founder, Odette, emphasizes the changing mindset of brides who prioritize self-expression and authenticity. She notes that brides are exploring diverse cultural influences, infusing their heritage into attire through unique embroidery and unconventional fabrics.

“This season,  we have introduced a captivating mix of lehengas, ranging from classic gold and silver thread work to vibrant tribal-inspired patterns in colors like rani pink and black,” adds Khanna.

Here are ten unconventional ways to wear a bridal lehenga, straight from the experts:

  1. Wear it with a KurtaEmbrace a daytime event by pairing your lehenga with a fitted kurta, as seen on actor Ananya Panday during Diwali celebrations. The combination adds a new vibe to the classic lehenga skirt, making it perfect for various occasions.
  2. Go Tone on ToneOpt for a monochromatic look to achieve maximum impact. “Whether it’s a delicate white and metallic embellished lehenga or an all-black ensemble with gold and silver embellishments, keeping the tones in the same color palette exudes sophistication,” shares Khanna.
  3. Rhythmic Rapture Lehenga Choli SetCombine trend and tradition with a lehenga choli set that flaunts rhythmic charm. Perfect for the bride seeking a blend of cultural diversity and cutting-edge style.
  4. The Cape Effect“Add drama and refinement with a cape or embellished sheer overlay. Whether longer or shorter, the cape effect makes a dramatic statement, setting you apart as a bride ahead of her time,” adds Roy.
  5. Kurta Bliss Lehenga SetRoy shares, “Embrace modern elegance with a kurta lehenga set that skillfully combines luxury with simplicity. Ideal for the bride prioritizing comfort without sacrificing design.”
  6. Add a WaistcoatJoin the trend of tailored waistcoats by incorporating one into your lehenga ensemble. Khanna opines, “Anushka Khanna’s wrap waistcoat not only flatters but also doubles as a versatile piece for other separates in your wardrobe.”
  7. Ditch the DupattaFor a more conservative yet stylish look, swap the itsy bitsy choli for a long, lean embellished jacket. It’s the perfect finishing touch with zero draping involved.
  8. Accentuate that WaistElevate your look with a delicate and alluring waist chain. This season, it’s the sexiest accessory that adds the perfect touch to your bridal ensemble.
  9. Draped Diva Lehenga SareeHighlight your bridal charm with a draped diva lehenga saree, seamlessly combining the grace of a saree with the vivacity of a lehenga.
  10. Lehenga Gown FusionMerge the allure of a lehenga with a gown’s contemporary silhouette, creating a sophisticated and unique bridal ensemble.

In conclusion, unconventional trends in bridal fashion are transforming traditional silhouettes, allowing brides to celebrate their individuality and express themselves authentically. Designers like Anushka Khanna and Mamta Roy encourage brides to embrace unique and daring bridal lehengas in a variety of hues, moving beyond the standard pink and red. These bridal ensembles leave a lasting legacy, reflecting extraordinary love and style well beyond the wedding day.