Zoya Akhtar Becomes First Indian Filmmaker To Feature On The Daily Show, Opens Up On The Archies – News18

Zoya Akhtar’s latest, The Archies, is streaming now on OTT.

Director Zoya Akhtar is the first Indian director to grace the American show.

Director Zoya Akhtar recently shared insights about her latest Netflix project, The Archies, on The Daily Show. The discussion explored her motivation for introducing the iconic world of Archies to Indian audiences and emphasised the importance of promoting inclusivity in the realm of filmmaking.

Zoya reflected on the connection between a fundamentally American universe of Archies and how it was an important aspect of an Indian urban kid’s life back in the 80s. Recalling her own childhood in the 80s, Zoya spoke about the limited access to cultural phenomena at that time. Despite the constraints, Archies comics emerged as a universal experience for many, serving as a portal to the captivating teenage life in the fictional town of Riverdale. Zoya said, “It’s crazy that something so fundamentally American was also fundamentally a part of an Indian urban kid’s childhood. Archies was one of the few things that everybody read, and it was a portal to this country.”

As she further elaborated on her decision to adapt ‘The Archies’ for a global audience, Zoya highlighted the nostalgic appeal and the desire for a return to innocence. She expressed her gratitude for Netflix’s initiative to bring the Indian film industry onto the global stage, making ‘The Archies’ a special project she couldn’t turn down. Zoya added, “I just couldn’t say no. It was also like something to go back to, a ‘less is more’ time.

Talking about inclusivity, Kal Penn was impressed by how Zoya also touched upon incorporating the LGBT (LGBTQIA+) community into the narrative of ‘The Archies.’ Zoya acknowledged India’s vibrant LGBT community and the positive changes that have unfolded since the decriminalization of homosexuality in 2018. She emphasised the evolving nature of society and the role of storytelling and filmmaking in fostering understanding and empathy.

“In 2018, homosexuality was decriminalised. There’s been so much change, and real positive change with that. And it’s going to keep evolving. And part of that evolution is storytelling and filmmaking, and somewhere I feel it’s not just like we’re representing something, but you’re literally taking someone and putting them in someone else’s shoes. You’re humanizing the other,” Zoya shared.

Expressing her gratitude for a being part of the film fraternity and being an able individual with the power of story telling, Archies contributes to positive change, Zoya shared, “I think I’m lucky to be a part of a community that can affect some kind of evolution or change and represent and be there and say how I feel.”