Zoom Meetings Are Coming To Apple’s Vision Pro Headset With An AR Twist – News18

Last Updated: January 30, 2024, 13:50 IST

Zoom is bringing a native app to Vision Pro headset at launch

Zoom is going to bring new immersive features to Apple’s mixed reality headset and add new tools that will make meetings look different.

Apple Vision Pro headset will make its way to the market and buyers later this week and some of you would be eagerly waiting to see if the device is worth the hype. We also know that platforms like Netflix and YouTube will not have native apps for the headset, forcing you to rely on the web versions.

However, one app that is happy to sign up with Apple for its mixed reality headset is Zoom. In fact, Zoom will launch its app on the same day as the headset from Apple starts shipping to consumers. Zoom claims it will take advantage of Vision Pro’s AR tech to enhance its features and also give a new meeting experience.

Zoom’s focus on a native app will allow the platform to create digital avatars of the people in the meetings and hosting them. The company says the other people in the meeting will be able to see their expressions and hand movements which gives it a more real-life like appearance in the virtual world.

But things will get more immersive on Zoom in the coming months, as the platform will let Vision Pro users to pin up to 5 meetings and also support 3D live object sharing, which could show the real value of signing up for the mixed reality ecosystem.

It is assumed that Apple’s entry into the segment could catapult a stagnating market and allow brands like Meta to come back into prominence once again. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Meta was recently quoted in an interview, talking about his belief that his company could be the Android for the AR and VR market. Meta has gradually moved away from the metaverse concept and that doesn’t matter as long as the category can grow and become a solid option for the consumers.