Zomato Upsets Customer, Sends Non-Veg Thali In Veg Order To Pregnant Woman

Food delivery platform Zomato became the topic of discussion amongst Netizens, however, for all the wrong reasons. The company delivered a non-vegetarian thali to a pregnant woman who placed an order for a vegetarian meal.

Sharing a complaint about the same, the woman’s husband posted on social media platform X and asked Zomato to explain the order error. “Zomato care to explain why a non veg thali was sent when the order was of paneer thali, how do you expect a vegetarian to eat chicken, care to explain, that also she is a pregnant lady, what if things could have gone wrong,” the user wrote.

Responding to the complaints, Zomato said that it provided the best possible solution for the issue and promised to remain available for any more need. “We discussed your recent bumpy experience via call and gave you the best resolution from our end. If you need more help, holla at us! Thank you for being patient throughout,” the company wrote.

However, the user said that the firm didn’t deliver the promised solution. “The resolution promised has not been fulfilled yet, and neither I have received the promised email, so no, you have not done anything so far”, he wrote.

The post went viral and got a mixed response from netizens. Many users also expressed their agitation at the services provided by Zomato. One user complained how this is not the first time the delivery platform has made such errors. “This is not new for them, same thing happened with us, non-veg food was delivered to us when we are a vegetarian & ordered all veg,” the user wrote. She expressed that the only resolution Zomato every provides is refunding the amount.

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