Youth kills live-in partner in Delhi: Brother-sister helps; The accused has already gone to jail in the murder case

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A youth was arrested in Delhi on Saturday for allegedly killing his live-in partner. According to the police, the brother and sister of the accused also helped him in this work. Accused Vineet Panwar is a resident of Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh. He also went to jail in 2017 in a murder case. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment. He came out on parole last year.

The accused was a security guard in the college
According to the police, the accused Vineet was living with his live-in partner Rohina Naaz alias Mahi since 2017. In the same year, when he went to jail in a murder case, Rohina started living with the accused’s sister Parul in Farsh Bazar, Teliwara. Last year, Vineet came out of jail on parole and started working as a security guard in a college in Ghaziabad.

On April 21, the police had arrested the sister of the accused involved in the murder conspiracy.

On April 21, the police had arrested the sister of the accused involved in the murder conspiracy.

Murder conspiracy hatched with brother and sister
Rohina wanted to marry Vineet, but Vineet’s family was against the marriage as Rohina belonged to another community. There were frequent fights between Vineet and Mahi regarding this. After this, Vineet along with his brother Mohit and sister Parul conspired to kill Rohina.

On April 12, Vineet strangulated Rohina to death. After this, with the help of sister Parul and her friend Irfan, the dead body was thrown at Karaval Nagar, 12 km away.

CCTV footage revealed the accused
After finding the dead body, the police registered a case at the Karaval Nagar police station and started the investigation. The involvement of Vineet and Parul in the murder was revealed from the CCTV footage. Taking action, the police arrested Parul, Mohit and Irfan. Vineet ran away from there.

During interrogation, Parul confesses that her brother killed Mahi and she was also involved in the conspiracy. Later, a crime branch team arrested the accused from Loni in Ghaziabad.

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