Your iPhone Lets You Create Shareable Stickers Using Your Photos In Seconds: Here’s How – News18

Creating stickers from photos on iPhone is quite a cakewalk in iOS 17.

iPhone users can easily create and share static or animated stickers for a personal touch in seconds. Here’s how you do it in iOS 17.

In iOS 17, Apple introduced the ability to create stickers from user photos to the iPhone. However, this feature has largely been overlooked, overshadowed by more flashy, and arguably more useful, features such as NameDrop and StandBy.

Nevertheless, I must say that creating stickers that can be shared on social media apps using one’s own photos is quite an enjoyable process. The process itself takes only a few seconds and can certainly help users add much-needed spice to their conversations, whether on chatting apps like WhatsApp or full-fledged social media platforms like Instagram or Reddit.

Here, let’s take a quick look at how to create stickers in iOS 17 and later versions:

  1. First, open the image you wish to create the sticker from.
  2. It should be an image with a well-defined subject, such a face, or a vehicle. Here, for reference, I have chosen to make a sticker out of my Honda H’ness CB350.
  3. Next, long-press on the subject until it starts glowing on the edges.
  4. Tap on Add Sticker to add it to your pool of shareable stickers.
  5. Now, you can use the same sticker across various social platforms. 

Now that we have explained how to create your custom stickers from scratch, it’s important to note that you can further customize these stickers. Once you open the emoji section on your keyboard, locate your newly created sticker, and then long-press it. Tap on ‘Add Effect’ to stylize your sticker with effects such as Outline, Comic, Puffy, and Shiny.

In addition to adding standard stickers to your sticker pack, you can also create animated stickers from your Live Photos. The process remains the same, but it is best to use a Live Photo with a moving subject, as this will create a more dynamic effect.