World Leaders Experience India’s Rich Musical Heritage At G20 Gala Dinner. All Details Inside

During the G20 gala dinner hosted by President Droupadi Murmu on Saturday night, dignitaries from around the world were treated to a mesmerising showcase of India’s musical heritage. The ceremonial dinner, held on Saturday night at the G20 Leaders Summit’s Bharat Mandapam venue in the national capital, celebrated the country’s diverse musical traditions, which included a mix of classical and contemporary music styles.

The musical extravaganza featured performances by 78 artists who wielded a plethora of Hindustani, Carnatic, and folk instruments, including some rare and unique ones. Among the instruments that graced the stage were Sursingar, Mohan Veena, Jaltarang, Jodiya Pawa, Dhangali, Dilruba, Sarangi, Kamaicha, Matta Kokila Veena, Naltarang, Tungbuk, Pakhawaj, Rabab, Ravanhattha, Thal Dana, and Rudra Veena, to name a few, as per a report by news agency ANI. 

According to the report, the highlight of the evening was the enchanting ‘Gandharva Atodyam,’ a musical medley that seamlessly blended instruments from across India, showcasing Hindustani, Carnatic, folk, and contemporary music. This symphony of classical instruments left the audience enthralled.

The guest list for Saturday’s G20 dinner included 170 attendees, with all chief ministers of Indian states among the special invitees. President Murmu, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former President Ram Nath Kovind, and former Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu graced the event with their presence. Foreign leaders, delegates, chief ministers, cabinet and state ministers, central government secretaries, and distinguished guests also attended the gala dinner.

Gujarati Folk Singer Urvashi Radadiya, who performed at the event, expressed her pride, saying: “As a singer, this is a very proud moment for me to be able to present Gujarati Folk music at an international platform. I want to thank our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving us the opportunity to present Gujarati culture in front of the world,” ANI quoted her as saying. 

Singer Osman Mir, whose song was featured at the gala dinner, shared his joy, stating, “I am extremely thankful to PM Modi for selecting my song, and this is a very happy moment for me that our Gujarati culture and our folk music have been displayed on such a huge stage.”

Mohan Veena instrumentalist Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, representing Jaipur, expressed his satisfaction with the event, saying, “I am very happy that such a huge event was organized in our India where several countries participated. The cultural background of Rajasthan and our country has been displayed in this event. Our culture is ‘Padharo Mhaare Des’ and ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.”

Aside from the musical festivities, the G20 Summit also showcased the ‘Culture Corridor – G20 Digital Museum’ at Bharat Mandapam. This unique international project celebrated the shared heritage of G20 members and invitee countries, incorporating iconic cultural objects and heritage from these nations.