World Amazed By India’s Achievements, Previous Govts Didn’t Have Faith In Capabilities: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that India’s achievements are no longer a source of surprise for the world, but rather a new normal that nations now recognise the benefits of aligning with. Speaking at a summit hosted by the TV9 News Network, PM Modi remarked that earlier the world used to be surprised to see India has done something but it is no longer so and it has become a new normal for the world. Growing trust in India has become the biggest recognition for India, PM added.
According to PTI, PM Modi took a jibe at the previous governments, saying, “Those in power till 10 years ago did not have any faith in India’s capabilities. It is very difficult to get victory with a mind that has accepted defeat”, PM Modi said, as quoted by news agency PTI.

In reference to his prior remarks citing a speech by first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, PM further added, “They were the people who called Indians lazy. If there is hopelessness in those in power, how can they inspire hope among the people. We have brought the country out of that era of hopelessness. Now, decisions are taken fast and those decisions are also implemented at a fast speed”.

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India Of 21st Century Has Stopped Thinking Small: PM Modi

PM Modi emphasised that it has become commonplace for the world to recognise India’s ability to deliver efficiently and punctually. He highlighted India’s remarkable progress over the past decade, noting its ascent to become one of the five largest economies globally. 

“In the past 10 years, India has become one of the five biggest economies. Now, policies are made at a fast speed and decisions are also taken fast,” the Prime Minister said at the summit.

He asserted that India in the 21st century no longer thinks small, and whatever the nation undertakes is characterised by excellence and scale. The world is now astonished by India’s achievements and recognises the advantages of collaborating with the country.

“India of the 21st century has stopped thinking small. Whatever we do today is the best and the biggest. The entire world is amazed today looking at India’s achievements. The world today realises the benefits it can have in walking along with India,” he remarked, as per PTI.

Speaking in reference to the theme of the TV9 Global Summit, ‘India poised for the next big leap,’ Modi highlighted the significance of reflecting on the changes witnessed in the past decade. He emphasised that India’s remarkable progress over this period has positioned it as a global leader, poised to take significant strides forward.