Work from home could soon become a legal right in Netherlands

New Delhi: Work-from-home could soon become a recognised legal right under new legislation being put forward by two Dutch politicians, making the Netherlands one of the first nations to do so. Steven van Weyenberg, a member of the pro-European D-66 Party, along with Senna Maatoug, a lawmaker for the Green Party, Weyenberg, will soon introduce the legislation, according to media reports. The two politicians are reportedly expected to introduce the legislation in the Netherlands Parliament on July 3, prior to the summer recess.

Weyenberg reportedly said that the members have the green light for this new law thanks to the support they received from both employees and employers’ unions. “We are very hopeful it will pass before the summer,” he was quoted as saying in a Mint report. (ALSO READ: THIS LIC policy can fetch Rs 55 lakh if you invest Rs 253 daily, here’s how)

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, employees of several companies have sought to keep some of WFH flexibility they have benefited from over the previous two years, despite the number of cases going down. (ALSO READ: Understanding New wage code in 5 simple points, implementation likely July 1)

However, it is getting more divisive as companies are trying to bring employees back to the office. Recently, Tesla boss Elon Musk asked the company’s employees to return to the office or leave.

But the case isn’t the same with the Netherlands, as the country offers some of the most flexible work conditions. Employees in the Netherlands already enjoy the shortest average work week than workers in any other country. A Dutch working professional works for an average of 29.5 hours per week, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

Even multinational companies are offering their employees in the Netherlands more flexible arrangements. According to media reports, Dell, in April 2022, offered its employees in the Netherlands an option to work just four days a week.