Woman who threw ‘chappals’ at Partha Chatterjee did THIS after the incident

KOLKATA: An angry Bengal woman who grabbed headlines for throwing “chappals” at sacked West Bengal Minister Partha Chatterjee on Tuesday walked to her home barefoot after the incident. Enraged with the West Bengal SSC teacher’s recruitment scam, the woman had attacked Partha Chatterjee when he was leaving Joka ESI Hospital, where he was brought for a routine health check-up.

BJP’s national media in-charge Amit Malviya shared a video on Twitter showing the woman walking to home barefoot after the incident.

“This woman, who hurled a slipper at Partha Chatterjee, a symbol of Mamata Banerjee’s venal establishment, and walked back barefoot is the symbol of Bengal’s resistance against TMC’s oppressive regime. She is মহিষাসুরমর্দিনী in the true sense, who will bring down Mamata Banerjee,” Malviya wrote on Twitter.

The middle-aged woman, identified as Shubra Ghorui, is said to have harboured anger against Partha Chatterjee after the seizure of around Rs 50 crore in cash, along with jewellery, by the Enforcement Directorate from two apartments of his close aide Arpita Mukherjee.

“I have come here to hit (Partha) Chatterjee with my shoes. I cannot think that he has built apartment after apartment, and accumulated so much cash when people are roaming on the roads without any job. After cheating people he is travelling in AC cars. He must be dragged with a rope. I will walk back home barefoot. “It is not only my anger but that of lakhs and lakhs of people of West Bengal,” Ghorui told reporters.

Though both the slippers missed Chatterjee and hit his car instead, the woman looked happy over what she did. “I was angry and that is why I hurled the chappal at Partha. I will now walk back home without chappals but I am happy. I did what I did. Such corrupt people ruin the lives of so many, does the life of the poor hold no value?” she asked.

The senior TMC leader, who has been relieved of his ministerial responsibilities, was then whisked away in a vehicle from the hospital premises by ED security personnel.