Woman hops over passengers to get to her window seat on plane: Watch video

The cabin crew of a plane is often subjected to weird activities by passengers, and there are several videos of passengers doing weird things on a plane. Adding to the list is a video of a passenger hopping over other passengers to get to her window seat that has gone viral on the internet. Getting to the window seat on a plane is obviously a problem, but most definitely, you must not have seen this unprecedented approach to the seat. Chances are people might start following this way in their future flights.

The video shows a woman in her socks climbing on the aisle seats while the passengers are still sitting in their seats. The caption of the video mentions that the woman in the video kept doing the same for the whole 7 hours of the flight. The video was uploaded on social media by an account named Brandon with a caption saying, “The most criminal activity I’ve ever seen on an airplane. This woman was hopping over other passengers the whole 7-hour flight.”

The video has been viewed over 6,000 times and has divided netizens. People were shocked to see the woman’s rude behavior and called her out for disturbing a passenger who was sitting with a child. Many people also commented on how impolite it was to act in that manner. Some, however, agreed with the woman’s actions, claiming that people who get the window seat frequently receive rude remarks from their fellow passengers when they need to use the restroom or simply get up to stretch their legs.

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One of the passengers supported the woman saying, “So each time she has to leave or get back to her seat, her fellow passengers, including baby, have to get up and jostle in the aisle. Much easier to do what she did, and those seated near her didn’t seem to mind. That is what matters most.” While one other user condemned the behavior, saying, “Wait. She couldn’t walk around? Where are the flight attendants? No one told her NO!? Oh HELL NO.”