​Woes of a Lactating Mother In The Monsoon

Are you a lactating mother? Why do we ask? Because you may experience a couple of health and hormonal problems, especially during monsoons. Doctors often recommend lactating mothers check for lumps and abnormalities around the breasts. Timely intervention can prevent the infection from spreading.

One of the most common issues a lactating mother faces is fungal infections around the nipples. The increase in humidity levels makes the fungi spread quicker. In case you experience pain in or around the nipples, it is suggested that you visit a doctor. Thrush is a common fungal infection often witnessed in breast-feeding mothers. It involves the overgrowth of Canadian Albicans fungus that thrives in dark, moist and warm environments.

As per a report in Indian Express, Dr Suman Bijlani, a gynaecologist, obstetrician, and endoscopic surgeon at SRV Hospital Mumbai said, “Nipple infection cases tend to spike in lactating mothers during the rainy season as the humidity levels are high and fungi spread quickly”.

The signs and symptoms of thrush are –

Severe nipple pain after feeding.

Burning and itchiness on the nipples.

Swelling in the nipples post breastfeeding.

Redness and inflammation around the areola, and blisters.

Thrush can also make your nipples look flaky and patchy.

Other possible reasons can be high estrogen levels in the body, intake of oral contraceptives, being anaemic, and damp nipples that can increase fungal infections.

Doctors may advise antifungal medications, creams, gels and ointments for treatment. It is important that breastfeeding mothers avoid self-medication and follow the instructions of the doctor.

Here are some preventive measures for lactating mothers in the monsoon –

Keep your breast and nipple clean and dry

Wash the breast pump properly

Wash your hands after touching your breasts, before feeding the baby and after changing the diaper

Avoid wearing tight clothes as these could be uncomfortable and cause abrasions around the nipples.

Choose cotton fabrics which will let your skin breathe

Nipple thrush can make breastfeeding painful. Sometimes it can lead to the mother choosing to discontinue breastfeeding sooner.

(Disclaimer: The content in this article is based on information from several websites/media reports. News18 does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the facts. Kindly get in touch with a medical expert for any queries or best treatment.)

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