‘Why did I…’ Frustrated Partha Chatterjee heard talking to himself in jail

WBSSC Scam: Partha Chatterjee, who had a lavish life as a senior TMC leader and West Bengal minister, is reportedly highly frustrated inside the jail. The jail sources told Zee 24 Ghanta that Partha was heard cursing himself inside the jail. “Why did you leave a high-ranking job in a private company? Why did you come to politics?” Partha Chatterjee was heard talking to himself.

He was also heard telling to the jail staff that he would not have been behind the bars today if he had not joined politics. On Friday, the court rejected the bail plea and sent Partha Chatterjee to 14 days in jail. He was then taken to the Presidency Jail. Partha is currently in a cell of Block 1 of the Presidency Jail.

Partha is alone in the cell. As per sources, the former TMC minister ate bread, pulses and vegetables at night. Although he rested at night, he did not sleep much. In the morning, he had tea, biscuits and medicine.

Partha Chatterjee entered politics by resigning from a high-ranking job in a private organization. Then, as time passed, he established his place in politics. He was one of the members of Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet since the Trinamool government came to power after the reshuffle in the state. From education to industry, the chief minister made him in-charge of various important offices at different times.

Even the post of general secretary was created for him at the grassroots level. But Mamata Banerjee dismissed Partha Chatterjee from the cabinet after ED arrested him for teacher recruitment corruption case as Education Minister. Besides, he was also expelled from Trinamool Congress. Once a top leader and minister, now Partha is behind bars… the disappointment in Partha Chatterjee’s voice is obvious.

On Friday, Partha Chatterjee’s lawyer applied for his bail, but it was not accepted. His lawyer claims, “Partha is now a victim. The documents with which he is claimed to be a partner in various companies are fake.”

Yesterday, Partha and Arpita were sent to 14-day jail custody, till August 18. In the evening, he was taken to the Presidency Correctional Facility. On the other hand, Trinamool party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh gave a stern message to Parthar Jail authorities.

He said, “No special arrangements should be made for him by the authorities. He should be kept in a common cell. Let him be kept like a common prisoner. See Partha Chatterjee, how does it feel”.