Why did Gehlot take the biggest political risk: Where the party is weak, there are also new districts, clear indication about CM face in 2023?

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  • Where The Party Is Weak, There Are Also New Districts, The Decision Of CM Face In 2023 Why Gehlot Took The Biggest Political Risk: Where The Party Is Weak, There

JaipurOne hour agoAuthor: Kiran Rajpurohit, State Editor (Rajasthan)

The ‘political weather’ also changed in Rajasthan on Friday evening with thunderstorm and rain. The announcement of 19 districts at once created a political storm in the state. Everyone’s question was, is this true? The announcement of 19 new districts simultaneously for the first time after independence is being seen as a masterstroke by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

In the election year, the way Gehlot tried to capitalize on the budget three times to create an atmosphere in favor of the government, it is a part of his long planning. If someone asks a simple question, how many times the budget is presented? The answer would be once, but Gehlot converted the budget into opportunity thrice. First when the budget was presented. Second, the budget reply and third, in response to the Finance and Appropriation Bill. Gehlot surprised everyone by making big announcements thrice. Usually the government makes big announcements on the budget day itself, but this time big announcements were made in Rajasthan thrice.

Just as the announcement of old pension in last year’s budget was unbelievable, similarly this time the announcement of 19 districts.

In the election year, all governments present populist budgets, but this time the theme of a mind-blowing budget with savings, relief and growth, prepared by Gehlot, silenced the opposition. The opposition has no answer left. Although it is also true that it is not so easy to get the budget on the ground, because there is very little time left.

After all, what is the meaning of these announcements of Gehlot? understand from the answers to these questions

What is the meaning of announcing 19 districts at once?

  • If we look at Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s tenure of last four and a quarter years, he has surprised every time in the budget. At the time of independence, there were 26 districts in Rajasthan, which are now 33. All parties consider it a danger to announce new districts, but Gehlot has taken this risk. The way he made equations of 19 new districts. With that Congress will present it like ‘Gehlot hai to mumkin hai’.
  • Gehlot has made political supporters as well as opponents. Districts where the party is weak have also been announced. Congress has not been winning in Beawar for a long time. BJP MLA Shankar Singh Rawat has taken out on foot. The district may not have been formed in the BJP rule, but the Congress will redeem it by becoming a district in the Gehlot government.
  • The party is also very weak in Pali, Jalore and Sirohi. Its effort is also to make Pali the division headquarters and Sanchore the district.
  • Gehlot is trying to strengthen his image of a people’s leader by making Phalodi and Balotra districts.
  • The announcement of the districts on the day of passing the budget has rendered the opposition unanswered. The BJP currently does not have a cut for it.

There is eight months left in the election, will the districts be formed in Gehlot’s rule? or is there a danger?

There is no danger. Gehlot has made a provision of 2000 crores for this in the budget. In such a situation, the process of formation of districts will begin and the Congress will take credit for it, although the administrative process takes time.

Will the condition of the state deteriorate due to the formation of districts? What would be the advantage and disadvantage?

The benefits of becoming a district are more and the disadvantages are less. Many opportunities will be created. The population of Rajasthan has crossed 7 crores. Talking about the last 30 years, the population has doubled, but only 7 districts have increased. No new district has been formed in the state since the year 2008, but in big districts, the administration does not have the same focus everywhere. New districts lead to good governance and fast service delivery. This is possible only from small districts. Although the opposition will claim that the economic condition of Rajasthan will deteriorate due to the announcement of new districts.

What is Gehlot’s strategy on the pretext of budget?

Gehlot has adopted an aggressive election strategy. On the one hand, they are making big announcements related to the people. On the other hand, he has also included religious places in his priorities to deal with the BJP’s Hindutva agenda.

The decision to develop Jaipur’s adorable Govinddev Ji Temple on the lines of Mahakal is being seen as an attempt to come out of the image of minority appeasement. For the first time, such a detailed plan to develop other major temples of the state has appeared in the Congress agenda.

Apart from the districts, does Gehlot have anything else to tell?

Many big announcements were hidden ahead of the announcement of the districts, but they have made a big announcement of giving 40 lakh smart phones to women and students on Rakhi. Gehlot had announced cylinders for Rs 500 to the women associated with Ujjwala on the budget day. After this this is a big announcement. This time in Rajasthan, the number of women voters has increased by 2.52 percent, so this is part of the strategy to help them.

Focusing on women, Gehlot has made travel on Rajasthan roadways cheaper in this year’s original budget. In government buses, women will now be charged half the bus fare within the Rajasthan border.

Is it guaranteed that the government will repeat the announcement of the districts?

At present it is difficult to say, because many factors work in elections. Chief Minister Gehlot has convinced the angry MLAs by announcing the districts, but how satisfied the people who are angry with the MLAs will be with this announcement, it cannot be said at the moment.

​​​​​​Will the election be fought under Gehlot’s leadership only?

This is the biggest question, but for this you should understand from the video that came in BJP’s Mario game counter on Friday morning before the Appropriation Bill. The way the Congress party has promoted this game, it seems that the party has indicated to kill the opposition like a Mario game.

Political analysts are of the opinion that if the party did not want to put Gehlot’s face forward, it would not have given so much importance. Now the way he has thrown political cards, it is not in everyone’s capacity to play them.

What were the gestures of Ashok Gehlot telling?

First of all let’s talk about Gehlot’s body language. Remember, when Ashok Gehlot was reading the state budget on February 10, a little uneasiness was visible on his face due to the addition of an old page in the beginning. After this, there was a lack of interesting style in his flow. Different confidence was visible in his body language on Friday during the budget reply and subsequent appropriation bill.

What message did Gehlot give to the high command with this big move?

The Congress high command in Rajasthan is more worried about its own people than the opposition party. Ashok Gehlot has given a strong message to the Congress high command through the budget reply. He has once again told what is the art of taking everyone along. He has also tried to stop the anti-incumbency. Gehlot has not only responded to the opposition with this political move, but has also tried to curb the internal politics going on in his own party.

Now what is the big challenge before Gehlot?
How to end resentment?
1. There was a demand for 60 districts in Rajasthan. In such a situation where the districts have not been declared, resentment will be seen there. Some MLAs and public representatives have warned about this yesterday itself. In such a situation, it has to be seen how the government controls it?

2. The government had announced to give mobile last year, now it has said to give it on Rakhi. How will it be possible to give 40 lakh mobiles together? If not received, it can also be a reason for displeasure in the public.

3. The budget has been passed. The government has very little time left. It will be a big challenge to bring this entire budget to the ground, because the kind of government system, it takes time for the schemes to come to the ground. The opposition will make it an issue.

4. Mutual factionalism in the party is at its peak. There was talk of Sachin Pilot getting a big responsibility, but now whether he will be satisfied by making an equation, it will be a big question.

5. The organization of Congress is very weak. It will also be difficult to deal with rising crime and poor performance of many ministers and legislators.

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