Where are women safe in trains, in Duronto from Pune to Tata the girl was harassed, RPF jawans did not come – Rail Hunt

  • TTE changed the seat to Itishree responsibly, in Tatanagar, the family members wrapped and beat them at the station

JAMSHEDPUR : Railway’s campaign regarding the safety of women in trains is not looking effective. When women are not safe in a train like Duronto, then the condition of common trains can be easily estimated. The incident is that in the 12221/Pune – Howrah AC Duronto Express, from the night of 6th November 2022, some miscreants continuously harassed a young woman throughout the day. Calling themselves army recruits, these jawans harassed the girl from Pune to Tatanagar. The girl also told the TTE running in her troubled train, but he changed the seat to Itishree on his own responsibility. In this way, the process of harassing the girl by the youth continued.

GRP officers and jawans save the young man from beating

The girl informed about this to her relatives living in Jamshedpur. When the train reached Tatanagar at six o’clock in the evening, the family members and associates, who had already prepared, started searching and beating the so-called army men who were harassing the girl. An atmosphere of stampede had arisen at the station. Although the railway police was present at the station, the family members of the girl were not coming under their control. The youths were thrashed after being searched in bogies. The mischievous youth hid in the toilet. After catching three of them, the relatives of the girl thrashed them fiercely. All three have also received serious injuries.

Somehow RPF and GRP personnel saved the three youths and brought them to the railway station. Due to this incident there was chaos at the station. The train which was supposed to stop for 10 minutes had to be held at the station for more than 35 minutes. In the whole incident, it is disturbing that the troubled girl did not get the support of the security forces during the long journey. It is not clear why the girl did not directly complain to the RPF. However, the question is also important that when the girl changed her seat stating that she was upset, then why didn’t the TTE of the train convey this matter to the RPF?

This incident is a lesson for RPF officials who make tall claims regarding the safety of women in trains, who could not steam the trouble and restlessness of a lonely girl while scatting in the train. Now it is necessary to investigate the whole matter and interrogate Scott’s jawans and train TTE, under what circumstances they left the girl to her condition, the result of which came in the form of ruckus in Tatanagar and delay of the train. Who are the people responsible for this incident? Effective steps need to be taken so that such incidents do not happen in future.