WhatsApp Users Can Soon Listen To Music During Video Calls: Here’s How – News18

Last Updated: December 07, 2023, 08:30 IST

WhatsApp users can start video call and share music with people

WhatsApp video call is used by billions because of its simplicity and soon you will get some interactive features.

Imagine going on a WhatsApp video call with your friend or family and having the option to share music and play it live on the screen so that everyone can listen. Well, the messaging could soon have this feature going by the latest WhatsApp beta version which has been passed onto testers this week.

As per reports, this new exciting feature has been spotted in the WhatsApp iOS beta version that allows WhatsApp users to share screen with the other person and listen to music together. Things get even more interesting when you realise that the screen share feature doesn’t limit the songs to audio and you can share music videos as well.

So how will this screen-share feature work on WhatsApp for iPhone users you ask? You start a video call with your friend and right at the bottom of the screen you will see a screen share icon right next to the flip camera option. When you activate this feature, both the participants on the video call can enjoy audio or music videos.

WhatsApp is setting some conditions to use this feature. Firstly, you need to keep the video (camera in this case) turned on during the call, and yes, it won’t work if you only do a voice call on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is only testing this feature for iPhones users right now, so we’re hoping the official release is not far away.

When it comes to Android users, we still don’t know if and when WhatsApp will have this screen-share feature rolled out but since millions of Android users are on WhatsApp, we expect things to move faster and should be hearing more on this in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp has other features in the pipeline, some of them linked to WhatsApp Groups and Channels, which is the new focus of the messaging app these days.