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WhatsApp is getting an AI image generator, help you with answers and recipes too.

WhatsApp users have already got a taste of the Meta AI chatbot which lets you create AI-powered images using a simple prompt.

WhatsApp is getting a host of AI features thanks to Meta and one of the interesting additions we are going to see in the coming months is the ability to create AI images. Now, the messaging app seems to be testing an easier way to let you create these AI-generated images that can be shared with friends and other contacts. The new option has been spotted in the chat attachment box of the Android beta version this week.

AI-Powered Images Shortcut On WhatsApp: How It Could Work

The details of the upcoming feature have been highlighted by WaBetaInfo in its latest post. The tipster confirms the option is only available to select testers who already got access to the Meta AI chatbot. People in countries like India got a taste of what the Llama-powered AI chatbot offers to the WhatsApp users since April.

Multiple users have shared the update about the Meta AI chatbot appearing on their WhatsApp chat feed, right below the + icon which lets you chat with a new contact. For iPhone users, the Meta AI icon is appearing on the search bar at the top of the interface.

As for the new shortcut to create AI-powered images, WhatsApp is adding the Meta AI icon within the chat attachment box called Imagine, as seen below. It is likely that when you tap on it, the Meta AI chat box will appear and ask you to write the prompt based on which you want the AI model to generate the image.

WhatsApp and Meta AI chatbot integration isn’t going to end there. The messaging app wants to give users the option to create and use AI-generated profile photos on the messaging app. WhatsApp is testing this feature with select beta testers on Android.

This part of AI gives you limitless options to create profile photos which many users could see as a good way to hide their actual images and use these artificially created images as profile photos instead. WhatsApp isn’t the only messaging app getting the power of AI. Microsoft has rolled out its Copilot as a bot for Telegram users this week, which lets you create poems, summarise articles and translate content with the help of a prompt.