WhatsApp Audio Call: Soon, know about missed calls if your phone was set on ‘Do not Disturb’ mode

WhatsApp has recently rolled out five new features in India that include 5732.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">a link to join group calls and undo delete for me feature. Now the messaging platform is working on a feature that will allow users to know about calls they missed while their device was set on ‘Do not disturb’.

According to the Wabetainfo portal that tracks WhatsApp’s developing features, the social messaging app is working on the do not disturb API for missed calls and the feature will be available through a future update of the app.

According to the website, the feature has already been released on WhatsApp beta for iOS a few months ago and WhatsApp is now working to bring the feature for the API on the Android beta update.

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How will it work?

Suppose if you put your device/smartphone on ‘Do not disturb mode’, so whenever you will switch off the ‘Do not disturb mode’, your WhatsApp call log will categorise calls missed due to this. The calls missed due to the feature will have ‘Silenced by do not disturb’ text just below the timing of the call.

The feature is useful as a user will be able to know when a call was missed due to the do not disturb mode.

WhatsApp has around five million users in India and it’s a go-to messaging platform for them. The app was launched in India in 2010 and since then, its user base has been growing in the country.