What happens to the adopted child after divorce: His legal right over property and money, but mental torture can make him a criminal

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  • His Legal Right On Property And Money But Mental Torture Can Make Him A Criminal

New Delhi15 minutes agoAuthor: Aishwarya Sharma

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People adopting daughters have increased in the country. The Central Adoption Resource Authority has uploaded the new data on its website. Between April 2021 and March 2022, 2991 children were adopted in the country, of which 1698 are girls. It is a good news for India that people’s thinking towards girls is changing.

But some such cases were also seen in which the couples adopted the child and later they got divorced. In such a situation, when a relationship breaks down, a lot changes. Especially the future of the child is in the most danger.

Divorce of parents, do not ruin the future of the child

Dr Rajeev Mehta, a psychiatrist at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said that divorce always hurts. It is never good for the mental state of the child. The child is already adopted, so it comes to his mind that he is an unwanted child. At times he starts to feel guilty for the divorce. Or the parents tell him responsible for the divorce.

Children going through these situations can be dangerous for themselves as well as others. Apart from being a victim of depression, a child can also become a criminal. He may even commit suicide or murder of others. At the same time, if there is an adopted child, then she can take wrong steps in teenage.

Parents take every step thoughtfully

Parents need to act very wisely in the event of divorce. First of all, never let the child feel that he is adopted.

If the child is 10-12 years old, then tell him that he is adopted because if he is told from outside then his mental state will be affected badly.

Court takes the decision of custody after seeing the age of the child

Naveen Kaushik, Advocate, Tis Hazari Court, told us that if a couple divorces, then in most cases the custody goes to the mother. But for this the age of the child is also seen. Accordingly, the decision is taken. If the mother has got custody, then the father has to pay the child’s expenses.

However, in the last two years, the court also decided that if the husband and wife are working, then the mother has to spend 40% and the father 60% on the child.

If the couple is not ready to take the responsibility of the child, then the court will not divorce them. At the same time, the adopted child cannot be returned to the orphanage.

Adopted child is fully entitled to parent’s property

In the eyes of the law, an adopted child is considered a legal child. He has full right over the property and money of his parents. If any parent has a joint property or all their savings, the child will get its share.

Ask the child till 2 years of age

Omkar, the founder of Gharaunda Sanstha, said that the child is adopted according to the government rules. Once adopted, we monitor the child’s condition for 2 years. Keep an eye on his condition.

If a couple beats the child, does not send him to school or has any other kind of problem, we take the child back. If the parents are getting divorced, then the court considers that child as legal and gives custody to one of the parents.

There should be a difference of 25 years between the adoptive couple and the child

The adoption process in India is overseen by the Center Adoption Resource Authority. It is a part of the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare. The age difference between the adoptive couple and the child should be 25 years. They have to apply for the child to the office of the Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Municipalities.

Along with this, both the parents have to give one affidavit each. According to the rules, if an Indian adopts a child, then he has to pay 40 thousand rupees as a fee.

At the same time, the legal fee can be up to a maximum of 8 thousand rupees. If a foreign couple adopts a child, then they have to deposit 5 thousand dollars as a fee.

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