What happened to the only Muslim candidate who supported the BJP: First took ticket from Congress, 25 days before the election, BJP joined the alliance; 60% Muslim voters still lost on the seat

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  • First Took Ticket From Congress, 25 Days Before Elections Came Into BJP Alliance; 60% Muslim Voters Still Lost On The Seat

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In the 2022 UP elections, the only Muslim candidate with the support of BJP has suffered a crushing defeat. In a seat where 1.8 lakh out of 3 lakh voters are Muslims only, Hamza Mian got only 65 thousand votes, while the margin of his defeat was 61 thousand. Hamza had contested from Apna Dal Sonelal. This party was in alliance with BJP. Come, let me tell you the full story of this candidate…

Hamza Mian is a rich person
They have assets of more than 2 billion 96 crores. If we deduct 2 crores from the total assets, then they have got the rest of the property ancestral. In the 2022 UP assembly elections, BJP’s lone Muslim face Haider Ali Khan alias Hamza Mian has suffered a crushing defeat against Abdullah Azam Khan of SP in Swar assembly seat of Rampur.

When he came from abroad to study and write, he left his father’s party.
Hamaz Mian, who had studied at Oxford and Essex University in London, was not chosen by the people of Swar as their leader. In his place, Abdullah Azam Khan, a BTech from Uttar Pradesh Technical University and MTech from Galgotia University, was elected as the MLA of Swar. Hamza left the Congress and joined the BJP alliance as soon as he came from abroad.

Hamza left the Congress and joined the BJP alliance as soon as he came from abroad.

Got only 30.52% votes
A total of 2,13,160 were lying in Swar seat. Of these, only 65,059 votes went to Hamza Mian, which is 30.52% of the total votes. At the same time, Abdullah remained at No 1 with 1,26,162 votes and 59.19% vote share. Before the elections, when Hamza Mian left the Congress and became the BJP candidate, the Muslim community had become angry with him.

60% Muslim voters are in Swar seat
According to caste equation, Swar seat has the highest number of Muslim voters.

total voter 2 lakh 98 thousand
Muslim Voters 1 lakh 80 thousand
Saini Voter 60 thousand
Sikh Voters 10 thousand
Other 57990

Votes were cast in Swar on February 14. The voting percentage here was 71.53%.

There is another funny thing, Hamza’s father has also lost, that too from the opponent’s father.
Azam Khan of SP defeated Hamza Mian’s father Nawab Kazim Ali Khan badly from Rampur seat. Azam Khan got 1,31,225 votes out of the total 2,19,757 votes cast. On the other hand, his father Nawab Kazim Ali Khan, who contested on Congress ticket, got only 4,000 votes and came fourth. Please tell that Hamza Mian’s father Nawab Kazim Ali Khan was MLA for 4 times from 2002 to 2017.

Azam Khan won from Rampur by getting 1,31,225 votes.  At the same time, Nawab Kazim Ali Khan got only 4000 votes.

Azam Khan won from Rampur by getting 1,31,225 votes. At the same time, Nawab Kazim Ali Khan got only 4000 votes.

The seat that Hamza lost was once a BJP stronghold.
The Swar assembly seat was once a BJP stronghold. Shiv Bahadur Saxena of BJP had won this seat four times. Later this seat became a strong fort of the Nawab family. It was difficult for BJP to distinguish it. Gradually, time passed and the dominance of Azam Khan’s family began to be seen in the Swar assembly seat. Azam Khan’s son Abdullah Azam had won from here in 2017.

BJP got defeat in 2012 and 2017 but still could not come back
In the 2017 assembly elections, Abdullah Azam Khan contested on a SP ticket. In that election Azam got 1,06,443 votes and defeated Laxmi Saini of BJP by 53,096 votes. In the 2012 assembly elections, Nawab Qasim Ali Khan alias Naved Mian of Congress defeated Laxmi Saini of BJP. Despite all the efforts, after the 2012 and 2017 assembly elections, BJP has not been able to win the Swar assembly seat even in 2022.

This story is done by Vikas Singh. Vikas is doing an internship with Dainik Bhaskar.

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