What Are Sports Injuries? Causes, Treatment and Preventive Measures to Know

Last Updated: November 09, 2022, 13:29 IST

Sports are known to be physically demanding and require your body to endure any form of stress and trauma. (Image: Shutterstock)

Trauma and overtraining are the main causes of sports injuries. Here, we’ll talk about a variety of sports injuries, their causes, treatments, and ways to avoid them

Sports injuries are very common, usually mild or moderate. Anyone who participates in sports has likely experienced an injury at some point. Sports are known to be physically demanding and require your body to endure any form of stress and trauma. The leading cause of Sports injuries is trauma and over-straining (excessive physical activity). And there are several kinds of Sports injuries that we are going to discuss in this article, along with treatment and preventive measures.

What are Sports Injuries?

Even though it is suitable for health, being involved in physical activities and sports can cause various kinds of injuries. Such sports-related (athletic, exercise, or sports activity) injuries that damage a part of your body are called Sports injuries. It can be either acute, which happens suddenly, or chronic which develops over time.

Most Common Sports Injuries

  1. Cartilage tear: Cartilage is a flexible shock absorber that covers and protects the ends of bones. Cartilage damage is a relatively common type of injury and mainly occurs in joints like the knee and shoulder.
  2. Broken bone: A bone fracture or broken bone is an acute injury that can happen suddenly when force is applied to the bone.
  3. Dislocation: When the end of the bone gets displaced from its normal position, it causes dislocation.
  4. Sprains: It happens on the excessive stretching of the ligament (connect bones and stabilize joints). Sprains usually occur in the ankle, knee, and wrist. It can be both mild and severe.
  5. Tendinitis: When the tissue that connects the muscle to the bones becomes swollen and inflamed, it causes tendinitis. It is mainly caused by repetitive movements, gradually.
  6. Strains: It is caused because of the overextension of muscles that leads to tearing or stretching.

What causes Sports injuries?

Sports injuries are usually caused by accidents or lack of safety equipment or gear when worn incorrectly or using non-fitting shoes, or by suddenly starting an exercise program or highly increased physical activities which are new to your body.


Preventive Measures:

  • Avoid playing the same sport throughout the year, especially for children.
  • Play sports and perform activities with a low risk of physical damage or injury.
  • Likewise, avoid sports with collisions and tackles.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after the sport.
  • Mix cardiovascular exercise and strength training with weight or resistance and flexibility.
  • Give your body adequate rest, and do not push it too far.
  • For any new exercise, start slow and then build gradually.
  • Always warm up before and after sports, like stretching.
  • Wear comfortable and safe equipment that is in good condition and supports your body during sports.

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Sports injuries Treatment

Its treatment depends upon the kind and its severity. Many Sports injuries are recovered on their own within a few weeks, while some take months with proper treatment.

For serious injuries, its treatment involves:

  • Using Injections to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Trying physical therapy to heal and recover the injured body part and strengthen it.
  • Taking prescribed anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Surgery to repair the fracture of ligaments, cartilage tears and tendons.

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