Watch: Jharkhand school principal, peon attack each other with sticks after disagreement

A school principal and a peon in Jharkhand’s Palamu district came to blows and even attacked one another with sticks as teachers and other staff members stood by. The video of the brawl has gone viral.

The incident took place at a district school in Medininagar on Friday morning, when principal Karunashankar reportedly pulled up peon Himanshu Tiwari for not doing his work properly. A heated argument ensues between the two, which soon devolves into abusive language, and then all-out tussling.

The viral video shows the principal berating the peon and the latter angrily answering back. The two hurl abuse and can be seen grappling with, pushing and shoving each other. They also brandish sticks with which they attack the other person. Himanshu Tiwari allegedly injured his hand in the scuffle.