Was there a conspiracy to terrorize Rajasthan?: Two quintal gelatine sticks found in a river 70 km away from the blast site in Udaipur

Jaipur29 minutes agoWriters: Vikram Singh Solanki and Manoj Jain

186 kg of gelatin sticks have been found in 7 kattas. The place where these sticks have been found is a tribal area.

The apprehension of a bigger conspiracy in the blast on the Odha railway bridge in Udaipur has deepened. On the third day of the blast, seven containers filled with gelatin were found in Aspur, about 70 km from this place. Their weight is about 186 kg. These kattas were recovered from under the Bhabarana bridge on the Som river near Gada Nathji in Dungarpur district. Gelatin is used in the blast.

After getting such a huge quantity of gelatin, there was a stir here and as soon as the information was received, DSP Kamal Kumar reached the spot. According to the information, some villagers saw the rags lying in the river near the bridge over the Som river in Bhabarana village, ten km from Aspur. On being suspicious, he informed Aspur police station. After that the kattas were taken out. When the bags were opened, the police were also shocked. These pots were filled with gelatin sticks. After this, the top officials have been informed. However, the police is yet to connect the matter with the blast on the bridge near Udaipur.

Kittens filled with gelatin sticks were found lying in the river. The villagers had informed the police about this.

The weight of these gelatin sticks found in seven bags recovered from the river was 186 kg. The police are yet to find out from where it came and who has thrown them here. There is no CCTV camera around the place where these gelatins have been found.

Aspur SHO Sawai Singh Sodha said that we have found a large quantity of gelatin sticks. They have been confiscated. Someone must have put these here to deactivate. We are probing it from every angle. A case under the Explosive Substances Act has been registered against an unknown person in the matter.

Gelatin sticks were kept in these packets, the identity of those who threw them is not known.

Gelatin sticks were kept in these packets, the identity of those who threw them is not known.

Rajasthan address on the packet
The packet in which the gelatine sticks were kept had the address of Rajasthan written on it. However, due to being wet, the paper of the packet has melted, due to which the writing on the packet is not clearly visible.

2.5 kilos of gelatin can spoil 200 square feet of area
According to experts, a 2.5 kg gelatin stick has enough power to destroy an area of ​​200 square feet. Only two and a half kg gelatin sticks were found outside the house of industrialist Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai. 186 kg rods have been found near Udaipur, that is, about 75 times more than this.

Accordingly, this gelatin can waste 15 thousand square feet area. That much gelatin could very easily destroy the bridge where the blast took place on Sunday. However, a detonator is also needed for the blast along with the gelatin.

Naxalites use gelatin sticks
Usually Naxalites use gelatin sticks for attack. Apart from this, gelatin sticks are also used in mines. The strength of gelatin sticks can be gauged from an accident in Jhabua, MP a few years back. At least 78 people were killed and several houses were destroyed when a gelatin and detonator exploded at a house in Jhabua’s Petlawad.

terrorist or naxalite attack or mischief of someone
In fact, the blast from Super Power 90 detonators on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad railway line track on Saturday night shook the whole of Rajasthan.

Police also found gunpowder on the railway track. Teams of NSG, NIA, IB are investigating the possibility of terrorist and Naxalite attack in Udaipur. Apart from this, Railway Police and Udaipur Police are also involved in the investigation of the case.

The matter is also very sensitive because PM Modi had inaugurated this line only on 31 October. Apart from this, the train had departed from this track only four hours before the blast. There is also talk of getting some important information about the conspiracy. According to sources, the height of the blaster is about five feet. However, the agencies are refraining from saying anything for the time being.

Ahmedabad-Udaipur-Asarwa train numbers 19703 and 19704 pass daily on Udaipur-Ahmedabad track. Had there been an explosion during the passing of the train, there could have been a major accident. After the blast, the train passing through the track was stopped at Dungarpur itself. 665 passengers were traveling in the train.

Bhaskar spoke to sources related to NSG, NIA, IB in the case. Primary investigation revealed 4 possible reasons for the blast.

  • Was the blast part of a terror plot?
  • Was this a Naxalite attack?
  • Was there a blast against the mines?
  • Was this someone’s prank?

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Was the blast part of a terror plot?

Why the apprehension: At present, the police is looking into the incident by linking it to the terrorist attack. The reason for this is that the Central Government had recently banned PFI. PFI leaders were also arrested. However, concrete evidence of this has not been found yet.

Police investigation: Railway officials have registered an FIR under terrorist incident only after Super Power 90 detonators were found at Jhawar Mines police station in Udaipur. The entire situation after the blast has been told in the FIR. It has been written about putting the security of the country in danger by blasting the bridge. Teams of NSG, NIA, IB are investigating along the track as well as in the surrounding villages.

Was this a Naxalite attack?

Why the apprehension: There has been a demand for creating a tribal state in southern Rajasthan for a long time. In such a situation, it is believed that a tribal fundamentalist may also have a hand in the blast. Protests have also been held several times. The tribal community in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh had been demanding Bhil state for a long time. Demand was being made by including about 42 districts from four states. Rajasthan has a population of 28 lakhs, Gujarat 34 lakhs, Maharashtra 18 lakhs and Madhya Pradesh 46 lakhs.

Especially from where and where demand: Demand is being made in Rajasthan also from Dungarpur, Banswara, Udaipur, Pratapgarh, Sirohi, Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, Jalore, Barmer, Pali.

Since the blast, teams of central and state investigative agencies are continuously reaching the spot.  On Tuesday, ADG Ashok Rathore of Special Operation Group (SOG) reached the spot along with the team.

Since the blast, teams of central and state investigative agencies are continuously reaching the spot. On Tuesday, Special Operation Group (SOG) ADG Ashok Rathore reached the spot along with the team.

Did the Mines Protest Cause the Blast?

Udaipur has a large number of mines. There have been protests against the mines many times. Also, being mines, detonators are also sold illegally in shops. Stones are extracted from mines through blasting. In such a situation, police sources believe that detonators can also be detonated from shops.

Was this someone’s prank?

The detonator wrapper and gunpowder were also found lying on the railway track. There is no timer or other electronic equipment found there. Police say that someone may have blasted the detonator to play mischief.

A shocking truth too…

Bomb blast goods available on e-commerce website

During the investigation of the case, the shocking truth came in front of the Bhaskar team. Bomb-making materials are available online on e-commerce websites on the Internet. Many e-commerce websites offer home delivery on online orders.

For this, money has to be deposited in the account by calling beforehand. Complete bomb blast kit including Super 90 detonator is available. The government has banned the website showing porn movies, but bomb blast material is easily available online.

Teams engaged in investigation throughout the day on Monday
Three officers of the NSG team from Delhi reached the railway track at around 10 am on Monday. The team investigated around the track. Some important evidence has also been collected. For about one and a half hours, the team reached the villages there and inquired. Different teams of NSG, NIA, IB are probing the blast. The teams have not received any kind of timer, electronic device. No CCTV footage has been found either.

Input: Manoj Jain

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