Want to Set up a Security Agency in India? All You Need to Know

A total of 60,96,310 cognizable offences were reported in India in 2021, as per the National Crime Record Bureau report. The need for security guards and agencies has been a never-ending one. Hence, if you want to start a small business company, nothing can be better than a security agency. But wondering how to start and set up? We are here to guide you.

To set up a security agency, an individual needs to look at the following elements.

Business Planning

Register your Business

Acquire Mandatory Licenses and Certificates

Get the Equipment like uniforms, walkie-talkies, batons, guns, identity cards, and penlights among others.

Hire the Force with a police verification

In business planning, an individual should first look to complete the administrative work. These works include- the name of the directors and business, a summary of the company, initial investments, vision and mission, target market, type of agency, and services.

A person needs to think about the kind of security agency they want to own. For instance, there are varied kinds, including protection, personal, home, automobile, technical, aviation, armed, event guard, bodyguards, etc.

There are various ways to get the business like government contracts, contracts from multinational companies, and other contracts from schools, banks, hotel chains, etc.

To register, fill out the form from the Private Limited Company Registration Online. Documents required-

Passport Size Photograph of all Directors (Scan Copy)

PAN card copy (Mandatory)

Proof of identity of all directors like- passport, voter ID, and driving license

Proof of residence of all directors not older than 2 months like telephone, internet, mobile bills, and bank statements.

Aadhaar card of all directors (MANDATORY)

The minimum requirement of space for opening a security agency is 1000 sq. ft. for a small office. License and certificates for a prospect are –

GST Certificate

Shop and Establishment Act License

PSARA License ( Validity: 5 years extendable up to 1 year)

ISO License 18788:2015

ESI Registration (If employing over 10 people)

PF Registration (If employing over 20 people)

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