Want to drive a bus: Haryana girl stops Punjab’s transport minister’s car in Chandigarh; insisted on becoming a driver

Chandigarh3 minutes ago

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Girl talking to Transport Minister in Chandigarh.

In Chandigarh, a girl from Haryana stopped the car of Punjab Transport Minister Amarinder Singh Raja Vading. The girl said that she has a heavy driving license. She wants to drive a government bus. Attempts were made to convince him but the girl remained adamant.

After this, Transport Minister Raja Vading called the MD of PRTC. Told them to take the trial of the girl and if possible, she should be given a job on the bus. Vading said that if a woman can become an MD, then a girl can also drive a bus. If she drives the bus, then it will be the name of PRTC.

Minister Raja Vading talking to MD of PRTC

Minister Raja Vading talking to MD of PRTC

Mother lives in Haryana, father is not
The girl told that she is from Haryana. He doesn’t have a father. Mother lives in Haryana. He holds heavy driving license. She was waiting for the minister for several hours. She wants to drive the bus. The girl was asked to go to sports but she said that she would drive the bus.

MD said – the atmosphere is bad, the girl will bear everything

Transport Minister Raja Vading called the MD of PRTC. Vading said that take the girl’s trial for a few days, if you can drive the bus, then look no further. On this, the MD said from the front that nowadays the atmosphere is bad. On this the girl said that she has no problem, she will bear everything. He is able to drive the bus alone. Just give him a job. After this the minister asked the girl to call the MD.

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