Visit to the first and last Adishaktipeeth on the banks of the Ganges: Vindhyavasini was worshiped by Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh; Girl by day, mother gets old by night

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Vindhyachal town is 8 km away from Mirzapur district. Situated on the banks of the Ganges, this city is the home of Shakti Swarupa Maa Vindhyavasini. By giving her the status of mother, Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma ji worshiped her.

It is believed that wherever the parts of Sati fell on the earth, Shaktipeeths were established there. But Vindhyachal is that Adi Shaktipeeth, which Bhagwati herself chose to live in after her birth.

In Vindhyachal Dham, there are darshans of the mother from childhood to old age. The number of devotees who come here everyday during Navratri crosses 10 lakhs.

Let’s visit the Adishaktipeeth of Mother Vindhyavasini Devi…

Before the creation of the earth, Mother Vindhyavasini gave knowledge to the Tridevs
Pandit Ishwar Dutt Tripathi, the chief priest of Maa Vindhyavasini Devi Adishaktipeeth, said, “The description of Vindhyavasini Devi is found in Rigveda from Durga Saptashati. In Bhagavata Purana, the goddess was called Nandja, sister of Lord Krishna, and in Shiva Purana, the mother is part of Sati. Was told.”

Pandit Ishwar Dutt says, “After killing Mahishasura, mother had gone to Vindhya mountain. Since then she started living here. Mother Vindhyavasini created Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati. She created Brahma, Vishnu before the creation of the earth. And gave knowledge to Mahesh. Therefore the existence of this place can never end before the creation and even after the catastrophe.”

Pandit Ishwar Dutt Tripathi, the chief priest of Vindhyavasini Devi Temple.

Pandit Ishwar Dutt Tripathi, the chief priest of Vindhyavasini Devi Temple.

Bhagwati sits with her whole body in Adishaktipeeth
Ritesh Tripathi, the servitor of Vindhyavasini temple, says, “Nowhere in all the 51 Shaktipeeths the mother is fully seated. But Vindhyachal is the only place where the entire Deity of the Goddess is seen. The Pindies of Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati are worshiped in Vaishno Devi. But here the deities of the three goddesses are worshipped.

There are 4 aartis in the court of Vindhyavasini

According to the Mandir Seva Samiti, this is the only temple of the goddess in the whole of India where aarti is performed 4 times a day.

5:00 am: Mangala Aarti takes place, in which the female form of the mother is worshipped.
12:00 PM: The mature form of the mother is seen in the Rajshree Aarti.
8:30 pm: Mother’s form looks like old age in Deepdan Aarti.
10:30 pm: The Goddess form of Bhagwati is worshiped in Shayan Aarti.

This time more than 15 lakh devotees are expected to come.
Ritesh, a member of the temple service committee, says, “Due to the Corona restrictions in the last two years, 3 lakh people visited the goddess here in 9 days of Navratri. Before Corona, this number used to reach 10 lakhs in Navratri. Now the situation has become normal. So we are hopeful that the number of devotees coming here during Navratri may cross 15 lakhs.”

The only Siddhpeeth built on the banks of the Ganges, where no one returns empty handed

Passing through Vindhyachal, Ganga enters Kashi, the city of Shiva.

Passing through Vindhyachal, Ganga enters Kashi, the city of Shiva.

Not all the 51 Shaktipeeths of the Goddess are built on the banks of the Ganges. But in Vindhyachal river Ganga flows adjacent to the temple. It is believed that after bathing in the Ganges, every wish is fulfilled by having darshan of Mother Vindhyavasini. Priest Ishwar Dutt said, “In Navratra, the entire temple is washed with Gangajal and decorated with flowers and fringes. The mother is adorned with roses, marigolds, red hibiscus flowers and gold ornaments. The Mahaprasad offered to the Goddess mainly consists of Chana, Kheer and Pua.”

Vindhyachal region was the penance place of 8 great men
Maa Kali and Ashtabhuja Devi are seated on the triangle path of Vindhyavasini temple. On this path, many seekers like Sant Devaraha Baba, Neem Karauri Baba, Geeta Swami, Mata Anandmayi, Baba Narasimha, Avadhoot Lord Ram, Pagla Baba, Bengali Mata had pleased the Goddess by doing penance. The ashrams of all these saints still exist here.

Even you have come to know about the grand temple of Mother Vindhyavasini Devi. Next let’s know the location of this temple and some interesting things related to the mother …

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