Video Shows Shaktimaan Fame Vaishnavi McDonald Leaving Award Show. Here’s Full Story

Vaishnavi McDonald, a popular television actor, is still known for her role as Geeta Vishwas in Doordarshan’s Shaktimaan. Recently, a video of an award ceremony where she felt “insulted” has gone viral on social media. After being spoken to in a discourteous manner, Vaishnavi is seen leaving the awards ceremony in a huff.

After watching the video, people were naturally curious about the reason behind her anger. To this, Vaishnavi replied that once she was called to an award ceremony and made to wait for hours. Also, the name of the wrong candidate was announced on more than one occasion. This is what made her angry since her name was repeatedly mispronounced as ‘Vandana’.

Comedian Sunil Pal, who was also present on the occasion, said that it was wrong to repeatedly mispronounce Vaishnavi’s name since she was a well-known and well-respected face in the television industry.

Since she became famous for playing the role of Geeta, people still refer to her by that character’s name. She is a very well-established face on television, and hence people should extend the respect that she deserves, Sunil stated.

Vaishnavi had started her acting career with Shaktiman. Since then, she has acted in many popular shows such as, ‘Miley Jab Hum Tum’, ‘Naagin’, and ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Key’.

Apart from television shows, Vaishnavi has also acted in quite a few films. She has played a variety of roles in many films like ‘Maidan: A Jung’, ‘Barsaat Ki Raat’ and ‘Danveer’.

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