VIDEO of leopard imprisoned in cage: was roaming freely in the streets of Rampur for 7 days, people expressed gratitude to the forest department

Rampur8 minutes ago

In Rampur of the capital Shimla, the leopard, which was roaming freely in the streets for 7 days, was finally imprisoned in a cage. The cage was installed by the Forest Department team near the Public Works Department colony, in which he got trapped on Sunday night. Due to this, people have heaved a sigh of relief. People have also expressed gratitude to the team of Forest Department.

Leopard rescue team of forest department carrying Leopard.

In fact, for the last 7 days, leopard was being seen in Racholi along with ward number 1 and 2. The leopard was seen around the Public Works Department’s colony in Padam Nagar. He was caught roaming around in a CCTV installed in a house. After this, it became difficult for people to get out of their houses at night. People were horrified and were demanding to catch the leopard.

DFO Vikalp Yadav said that the QRT team of the Forest Department swung into action and installed a cage and succeeded in catching the leopard. At present the leopard will be kept in a cage at Fenidhar in Shigla. After that it will be left in the forest away from the people.

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