Uttar Pradesh: Police Emergency Response System to Get Mega ‘NexGen’ Makeover

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav launched it towards the end of his term as the chief minister in 2017 as the “game changer” to solve the crime situation in Uttar Pradesh. Now, under the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government, it is getting a mega ‘NexGen’ makeover: this is the ‘UP112’ project, which is the state police emergency response support system.

Under this, 4,800 vehicles are deployed across the state with 32,000 cops to reach within minutes on a distress call on a centralised phone number. It was launched as ‘UP100’ by Akhilesh Yadav before being rechristened ‘UP112’ by Adityanath. The project brought a big difference in the law and order situation in India’s most populous state with 22 crore people.

Now, a big improvement is on the way. News18 has learnt that the state government will be revamping the system to improve the overall response time – 15 minutes in urban areas and 20 minutes in rural areas. The role of ‘UP112’ will also be increased by integrating it with other government agencies while it will also react to SMS, emails, social media channels, web portals, and mobile apps.

The revamped system will be able to handle over 1.5 lakh calls daily. The public will be able to rate the quality of the service as well. Most importantly, ‘UP112’ will become a single response system to all kinds of emergencies.

“The NexGen UP112 system shall have a platform to integrate other services such as fire, medical assistance 108, women power line 1090, CM helpline 1076, women helpline 181, Kumbh, GRP, disaster helpline 1070, NHAI 1033, UPEIDA and YEIDA Express Way, CCC Smart & Safe Cities, thereby providing efficient emergency response services,” states a document on the proposal accessed by News18.

How ‘UP112’ functions

The system functions from a high-tech centralised contact and dispatch centre at Lucknow, manned by 600 outsourced professional civilian woman officers and 300 police officers. With an enhanced ambit, the system can receive 1.5 lakh calls daily, as per government estimates.

“For calls dropped due to any reason, a call back would be made to ensure timely services,” states the document.

The revamped project could be launched later this year. “Any citizen facing an emergency will be able to connect to a contact centre through various modes of communication – landline phone, mobile handset, SMS, email, chat services, through a new mobile app and social media,” it stated.

The system already has a feature of displaying a caller location on a GIS map, so that the nearest vehicle can be dispatched. Each emergency response vehicle will have a vehicle mounted camera and, for critical identified areas, response staff will be equipped with body cameras to record the incident and, if required, send the live feed to the command centre.

Citizen feedback

Those who will reach out to the UP112 system and be assisted by the contact centre will have a facility to represent their experience by rating the quality of service provided by the emergency response team, the document states.

“The feedback desk shall be able to communicate with distressed citizens post-event closure, after a certain time, to know about his or her experience,” it states.

‘NexGen UP112’ aims at achieving customer satisfaction of over 96 percent through the assistance of advanced analytics methods, such as generating word clouds for quality improvement through data-based decision making and monitoring.

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