Useful Fiction Writing Techniques

Writers love to write but readers read only those contents which they think are attractive, meaningful and well characterized. And in order to influence readers, fiction writers need to focus on different aspects for developing novels or short stories.

This article will deal the useful fiction writing techniques which will surely help writers to understand the proper way of developing a quality fiction. Such techniques are:

Free writing

One of the simplest and best exercises is free writing that requires less time and preparation. This exercise helps writers to generate ideas of writing. The exercise can be done anywhere; one can sit in some quiet place with a pen and paper to develop the ideas. One needs to set timer before which one should not stop on writing anything. Whatever one has written need to look back to find is there anything that sparks the interest or not.

Character development

Fiction is comprised of several characters and thus the writer needs to justify the role and behaviour of characters. The behaviour like fear, hates, motivations, hopes, etc. And one character is to be given the lead role in the story to decide the rest characters easily.

Developing the plot

Next technique is the plot development and this technique includes several things like focusing on opening scene, showing versus telling, weaving back story, narrative, exposition and lots more. Both basic and secondary plots are needed to be developed properly in fiction. And a story cannot be successful if the plot is not taken seriously.

Scene and setting

The setting really counts and is considered the main element of the story. And scene is considered as the driver of plot. Scene should be well characterised, arranged, time based and in proper orders. Scene and setting keeps the story moving and keep readers interested. Alternation of fast and slow action and which scenes are needed to add and which are useless; these are such considerations of the setting and scene technique.

Point of view

The technique of point of view is to be cleared by writers. The story should clearly explain the point of view is either first person or third.


Proper dialogues of the characters make story meaningful. Dialogue revealing the back story should sound natural and should come with proper attributions and tags.

Climax, plot conclusion, self-editing and mastering fiction are some remaining techniques which an individual need to consider delivering quality, attractive and meaningful fiction.

Source by Daniel Rock Samuel