US-Based Pregnant Woman Credits Smartwatch For Saving Her Life By Alerting On High Heart Rate

New Delhi: A pregnant woman from the United States has credited her smartwatch that saved her and her unborn baby’s lives by alerting her on abnormally high heart rate, news agency IANS reported.

According to the report, Jesse Kelly, who was just a few weeks away from her delivery, was not doing anything that would raise her heart rate to over 120 beats per minute. However, her Apple Watch kept alerting her that the heart rate was quite high.

“It went off the first time and I thought it was strange. Then the second time maybe 10 minutes later or so and then the third time maybe a half hour or so later. When it went off the third time I thought ‘OK something is going on,” IANS quoted Kelly as saying.

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After sensing something was wrong, she immediately rushed to the hospital and discovered that she was in full-blown labour, her blood pressure was dropping and she was losing blood due to a pregnancy complication known as placenta abruption, according to the report.

Three hours later, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Shelby Marie.

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Speaking from experience, Kelly advised everyone to pay attention to their alerts. “It’s not just a text message. Pay attention to it and listen to your body,” she said.

Meanwhile, an Apple watch also helped detect an undiagnosed heart blockage in a woman, IANS reported.

A woman named Elain Thompson suffered seizures in 2018, and as part of her post-diagnosis treatment, her daughter suggested her to wear an Apple Watch to monitor her health.

Thompson recently received an alert from her Apple Watch that her heart rhythm was unusual.