Unbelievable! 9-year-old Indian girl developed An iOS App, Tim Cook sends mail to express his congratulations

New Delhi: Apple CEO Tim Cook recently praises a 9-year-old Indian girl who presently resides in Dubai for developing an iOS app for iPhones. Hana Muhammad Rafeeq, a 9-year-old, claimed to be the youngest iOS developer in her initial letter to Cook. She claimed to be the creator of the “Hanas” storytelling app, which lets parents record stories.

The CEO of Apple reportedly paid her compliments in his email reply to her after she described her software and other achievements in the email. The free iOS app from Hana has kid-friendly tales. After realising how few parents have the time to read to their children, she was inspired to develop the app. Hanna was only 8 years when the app was developed. (Also Read: Using public computer? UIDAI warns Aadhar users not to do THIS otherwise be ready to…)

Hana claimed in an email that she was introduced to coding for the first time when she was five years old, making her the youngest person in history to have done so. She wrote over 10,000 lines of code for this software. (Also Read: Post Office Scheme: Here’s HOW to get more than Rs 10 lakh in just 3 years)

Her app does not contain any pre-made third-party libraries, classes, or codes. She had said that a little preview would be appreciated.

Additionally, she included links to her YouTube videos. Hana was dozing off when Mohammed Rafeeq, Hana’s father, first saw the email. He claimed that he had awakened her to break the news to her. She immediately sat up and hurried to the bathroom. It typically takes some time to wake her awake, but not this time.

Tim Cook sent her an email to express his congratulations on all of her remarkable accomplishments at such a young age. He also said that if she persisted, she would eventually do great things.

Hana asserts that 10,000 lines of code were required to construct the storytelling app that allows parents to record stories for their children in their voices. She watched a documentary that inspired her. For their children to listen to as they fall asleep, parents can record stories.