Twitter user asks Anand Mahindra about his qualification, he replies

New Delhi: Social media users frequently give Anand Mahindra’s posts a lot of attention. But this time, the 67-year-old responded to a Twitter query from a curious user. The CEO replied to a tweet in his often funny way, imparting some crucial life lessons to the followers.

One of Mahindra’s Monday motivation posts had received feedback from a Twitter user by the name of Vaibhav SD. Vaibhav asked the Mahindra and Mahindra chairperson, “Sir, may I know your qualification?” To which he replied, “Frankly, at my age, the only qualification of any merit is experience.” Read More: Way to go! Kolkata boy rejects Amazon, Google; bags Rs 1.6 crore job at Facebook

A user replied, “Very well Put we are entering an age where speed, flexibility, innovation and execution matter much more than decades-old qualifications or antiquated experiences dressing up a lengthy resume.” Read More: Durex does it again! Shares witty post on soon-to-be parents Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor

Meanwhile another user quipped, “What an answer! I hope the person has got the reply right.”

Another user agreed with Mahindra’s comment and said, “Always experience is greater than knowledge sir,” in response.

Mahindra responded to a user called Abhishek Dubey’s comments with a motivational tweet on Monday. “Today I was on a tour in the Staun district of Himachal, I was shocked to see this little girl sitting all by herself studying writing notes, I can not express how astounded I was seeing the focus she had in books,” the user who posted the image of the young girl studying wrote. Brilliant.”

Reacting to the tweet, Mahindra further said, “Beautiful photograph, Abhishek. She is my Monday motivation.”

Mahindra frequently highlights noteworthy events from his life in addition to imparting some important life lessons and responding to popular social media posts. The businessman tweeted about his father earlier this month. He showed his father Harish Mahindra a photo from his youth.

He wrote “As a child, it was always special to be allowed to go to the airport to see my father off or greet him on his return from business trips. On Father’s Day I think of him and wish I could go to the airport again to welcome him back.”