Twitter to charge Rs 660 for verified accounts: Users will now be able to post long videos and audios

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Businessman Elon Musk has fixed the fees for verified accounts on the platform late Tuesday night after buying Twitter. He tweeted that for Blue Tick, users will have to pay $ 8 i.e. 660 rupees every month as fees. He also said that this fee will vary from country to country. There is no information about how much it will cost in India, but it is believed that the fees for verified accounts in India will be less than in cities like America.

These features will be available in the verified account
According to media reports, now many features will be available under the verified accounts. In these accounts, priority will be given in reply, mention and search. Due to this feature, spam and scams will be curbed. Users with Twitter Blue subscription will now be able to post longer videos and audios. Twitter Blue subscribers will get to see half the ads as compared to normal users. Elon Musk said that if publishers contract with Twitter, they can also read paid articles to BlueTick subscribers for free.

November 7 deadline for new feature
Twitter is currently working on revamping the verification process. The employees working on this project of Twitter have been given a deadline of November 7 to launch this feature. If they fail to do so, they will be fired from the company. Currently, most of the company’s revenue comes from advertising, but Musk wants half of the company’s total revenue from subscriptions.

The subscription service was launched in June
Twitter Blue was launched in June last year as the platform’s first subscription service. The subscription service was launched in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In such a situation, it has to be seen how Musk will start this service at the global level. It offers exclusive access to premium features on a monthly subscription basis. It also includes the facility to edit tweets.

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