Twitter to bring a new feature for organisations that will help them to identify parody and fake accounts, Elon Musk announces

New Delhi: Tech billionaire and Twitter new owner Elon Musk has announced to roll out a new feature on the platform that will allow organizations to identify which other Twitter accounts are actually associated with them. The feature might help organizations to battle over parody and fake impersonation that are causing havoc and chaos on the platform due to the availability of the Twitter blue tick monthly subscription.

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“Rolling out soon, Twitter will enable organizations to identify which other Twitter accounts are actually associated with them.” Musk tweeted on November 13.

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Reacting on the post, a Twitter user named David C Bell said it’s fun to watch Elon Musk slowly reinvent the exact same verification system that he destroyed.

Answering the question on  whether Twitter will be the arbiter of what constitutes an organization, Elon Musk said there was no choice but for Twitter to be the final arbiter. However, he was open for suggestions.

Another user reacted and asked about the timing of the deployment of the new system. He said it was a very serious question.

Twitter reintroduces ‘Official’ label

Twitter announced to reintroduce ‘Official’ label system which it revoked after introducing a week ago.

The new ‘Official’ system is an internal verification system that gives the subscript of ‘Official’ under the account’s name. It is introduced for organizations, Government officials, News organizations, and other prominent personalities.

Official label can be seen on some accounts now.