Twitter accounts of Pakistani embassies blocked: UN, Turkey, Iran and Egypt embassies accounts closed; Radio Pakistan’s account also stopped

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  • Twitter Accounts Of Pakistani Embassies Blocked UN, Turkey, Iran And Egypt Embassies Accounts Closed; Radio Pakistan’s Account Also Stopped

Islamabad13 minutes ago

Twitter in India banned official accounts of Pakistan embassies in the United Nations, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. Earlier, Twitter had also blocked the account of Radio Pakistan, the national public broadcaster in Pakistan. Twitter has blocked the account of the Pakistani Embassy in the United Nations.

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Following the closure of these official accounts by Twitter in India, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry urged Twitter to restore these accounts with immediate access. This comes at a time when the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting shut down 16 YouTube news channels, including six Pakistan-based channels, for spreading propaganda related to India’s national security, foreign relations and public order.

According to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, these YouTube channels were spreading false, unverified information to create panic, incite communal disharmony and disturb public order in India. The suspended social media accounts include six Pakistan-based and 10 India-based YouTube news channels with a total viewership of over 68 million. The government said that none of the digital news publishers had furnished the required information to the ministry under Rule 18 of the IT Rules, 2021.

The United Nations Embassy account of Pakistan has also been blocked by Twitter.

In addition to government accounts in Pakistan, a report by the Digital Forensics, Research and Analytics Center (DFRAC) revealed that several fake accounts created by Pakistanis are hidden behind screens and with an agenda to target India’s prestigious institutions. Running hashtags together. These Pakistani accounts openly spread propaganda.

The important thing to note here is that some of these accounts were created only with the purpose of defaming India. He changed his username after pushing the agenda. Those behind the scenes fueling this agenda campaign were seen copying each other’s content to spread fake information.

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